5 YouTube Kids Channel To Enjoy

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

     Kenzo loves watching videos on YouTube Kids. Kids these days! Who doesn't, right? Ask a child for his/her favorite video or show on YouTube and I'm sure that they have an answer so many answers. 

     Being a parent is tough so we, at Globe At Home, have chosen top 5 kid-friendly YouTube Kids channels that your kids can enjoy. No need to worry about what they watch even when you’re not around. With Globe At Home, you can have your kids learn fast and surf fast anytime with first world broadband connection! Have your kids enjoy kid-friendly shows from YouTube kids content creators, sing and dance along to tunes, learn from different shows and explore the world around them. See the recommended show below :)

5 YouTube Kids Channel To Enjoy

Globe Studio's Disney Princess: I Dare to Dream

Monday, February 20, 2017

     I dream of becoming a doctor when I was a child. I also dream of becoming a professional race car driver when I was in high school. We all have dreams not one but many, am I right? We dream of things that we want to achieve five, ten, or when it's the right time. Speaking of dreams, Globe Studios and Disney launched Disney Princess: I Dare To Dream Web Series last February 15, 2016 at The Sugar Factory BGC, Taguig.

     Globe Telecom, in partnership with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia, is redefining the landscape of local entertainment by launching the Disney Princess: I Dare To Dream, a first-of-its-kind digital reality-series produced by Globe Studios in collaboration with Disney and Maker Studios. Highlights of the launched plus know more of the girls below :)

Globe Studio's Disney Princess: I Dare to Dream 

Disney and Globe launch Disney Princess: I Dare to Dream

Thursday, October 20, 2016

     Hello dearies! Do you have a little sister, daughter, or niece who dreams of becoming a princess? In one way or another, girls all over the world have seen themselves as a Disney Princess. Disney Princesses are an inspiration to most and inspire young girls to dare to dream big and make it a reality.

     Inspired by the empowering values of Disney Princesses, in association with Globe, a first-of-its-kind, digital reality-series comes to life with Disney Princess: I Dare to Dream. The producers are calling on all girls aged 9 to 16 years old to join the open auditions to be one of the six that will be chosen for the show. Read more after the jump!

Disney and Globe launch Disney Princess: I Dare to Dream

Realizations + Globe MyStarter Postpaid Plan

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

     If my memory serves me right, I've been using mobile phone since I was in Grade 5. My first mobile phone was Nokia 6150 and my first sim card was Globe. It's a prepaid sim card so to track, I've been buying prepaid cards and going to the 'suking tindahan' to buy a load for more than twenty years now. 

      But as time passes by, I've come to realize that having a prepaid sim card number has pros and cons that I need to address now that I've been sending SMS and make important calls constantly with my blog clients and PR persons for campaigns and projects. I will list down below those positive and negative sides of having a prepaid sim card and my realizations why now I need to go postpaid.

Realizations + Globe MyStarter Postpaid Plan

Advantages of having a prepaid sim card:
  • If I have a tight budget, I can buy a load for as low as Php 5.00.
  • I'm free from a 12 or 24-month contract.
  • I'm independent because I can switch from one sim card number to another anytime.
  • If I'm no longer happy with the services, I can readily change to a different provider without having early termination service fees.

Disadvantages of having a prepaid sim card:
  • Hassles of loading every time I don't have a load.
  • Some stores or 'suking tindahan' hasn't replenished their load balance yet.
  • The number of minutes of the load that I buy may come with an expiration date. Unused text and minutes will be forfeited when the expiration time has passed.
  • My prepaid sim card can be deactivated if I don't buy load for a specific period of time.
  • Fees and charges may be higher than that of a postpaid If I'll do the math.
  • If I don't have a load, a missed call should be returned back asap and if not it's a missed opportunity. 

   Because of my part-time job which is blogging, I've come to realize that communication is very important and a missed call not returned immediately means missed opportunity. I have a handful of experience where I cannot return a text or a call to a client who is asking me to edit the sponsored post that I've already published immediately because I was inside a vehicle on my way to an event.

Realizations + Globe MyStarter Postpaid Plan
     There was a time where I need to send an SMS to a PR person-in-charge of the event that I'm stuck in traffic and I'll be late. I was about to send a text and found out that I don't have a load. I can't even borrow because I still have a loan. See the picture? That's why I think going postpaid will be beneficial to me now that I always keep in touch with blog clients.

Realizations + Globe MyStarter Postpaid Plan
     I recently read from Globe's website that they have this new service which will benefit freelancers like me. I can now avoid the hassles and the advantages of having a prepaid sim card which I posted above if I consider and try the Globe My Starter Postpaid Plan- prepaid sim card numbers can now be converted into postpaid plans without changing your number.

  • For prepaid customers, one of the basic challenges when upgrading to a postpaid plan is to change your mobile number.
  • Retain an existing prepaid number, upgrade to a postpaid plan. Globe's assurance and convenience of a fixed monthly bill within your budget are now possible.
  • The Globe MyStarter plan will allow prepaid customers to use their mobile numbers as they move to a postpaid plan.
  • Globe MyStarter plan is available at Plan 300 and Plan 500.
  • Should one go over the plan’s limit, it can easily be topped-up with a prepaid load when needed. To enjoy their digital lifestyle more, the myStarter Plans are bundled with more data power.
Realizations + Globe MyStarter Postpaid Plan

Here are the plans in Globe MyStarter Post Paid Plan:

1. Globe MyStarter 500 
  • Unlimited calls and texts to Globe and TM.
  • 300 texts to other networks.
  • 200 MB of data. 
  • Free access to Facebook, Viber, and 1 GB of data for Spotify Basic.
  • Disney Mobile devices that are exclusively available with the Globe myStarter plan 500 with P250 monthly cash out that can be charged to the monthly bill. Disney Mobile comes in three themes – Frozen, Mickey Mouse and Disney Princess. 
Realizations + Globe MyStarter Postpaid Plan
Globe myStarter plan 500 Disney Mobile Phones bundle

2. Globe MyStarter Plan 300
  • 300 texts to all networks
  • 300 minutes to Globe and TM
  • 200 MB worth of data. 
  • Free access to Facebook, Viber, and 1 GB of data for Spotify Basic.

     So now I'm planning to go postpaid and enjoy the benefits of Globe MyStarter Plan 500 without changing my number. I've been writing my recent number for more than six years now and I'm already attached to it. I'm sure you can relate to me when I say that my mobile number is already a part of my life and I'll feel incomplete if I lose it or just change it like that. How about those who already knew my number? It's a hassle for me to change my beloved number that's why I'm thankful to Globe for this plan. 

To learn more about what Globe Postpaid Plans visit
Call 7301010, or visit a Globe store nearest you

Globe Telecom's Iconic Store Opens on June 2016

Monday, April 25, 2016

     Globe Telecom users, here's another great news that is going to redefine the Philippine retail platform. Globe ICONIC store, a world-class destination that is home to the latest in retail, entertainment, music, and everything about the Filipino digital lifestyle will open this June 2016.

     The ICONIC store promises to deliver a more exceptional retail space experience that is more innovative, dynamic, and interactive from its predecessor, the highly-successful GEN3 concept store. More details about this exciting news from Globe after the jump!

Globe Telecom's Iconic Store Opens on June 2016
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