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Globe Studio's Disney Princess: I Dare to Dream

Monday, February 20, 2017

     I dream of becoming a doctor when I was a child. I also dream of becoming a professional race car driver when I was in high school. We all have dreams not one but many, am I right? We dream of things that we want to achieve five, ten, or when it's the right time. Speaking of dreams, Globe Studios and Disney launched Disney Princess: I Dare To Dream Web Series last February 15, 2016 at The Sugar Factory BGC, Taguig.

     Globe Telecom, in partnership with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia, is redefining the landscape of local entertainment by launching the Disney Princess: I Dare To Dream, a first-of-its-kind digital reality-series produced by Globe Studios in collaboration with Disney and Maker Studios. Highlights of the launched plus know more of the girls below :)

Globe Studio's Disney Princess: I Dare to Dream 

Globe Disney Phones Pre-Orders Starts Now!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

     Kenzo started tinkering my tablet around the age of two. He's fond of watching educational shows in YouTube. I was surprised when I saw him doing the slide-tap-hold motion on his own. He's a fast learner and I can say that watching children's movies, listening to nursery rhymes, and enjoying educational shows in YouTube has helped a lot in school. 

     Since Kenzo is turning seven years old this year, I'm planning to teach him how to use a cellphone. I will buy him a unit BUT will wait for another year to let him bring his own cellphone at school. I'm after the basics why I will consider buying him a mobile phone- to text me his whereabouts at school during recess if possible and in case of emergencies. If there's a mobile phone that offers more than the basic functions, I'll be delighted to put that brand on top of my list. While I was browsing the internet last week, I've found out that Globe now has Disney Phones! I'm so excited to have the first dibs on Globe Disney Phones but first let me share the details that I got from Globe and why you and your kid/s should have one!
Globe Disney Phones Pre-Orders Starts Now!
     The kids and kids-at-heart surely will not let this offering from Globe Telecom to pass. Everyone's excited to have their Frozen, Disney Princess, and Mickey Mouse mobile phones! These are packed with loads of Disney apps for your kids to use. Kenzo is bugging me non-stop the moment he saw the Mickey Mouse phone. He is telling me that he wants to see how the phone works and what apps were installed. 
Globe Disney Phones Pre-Orders Starts Now!
Mickey Mouse Phone
     Now, for the little girls and moms who I'm sure still love the magical moments of fairy tales- say hello to Frozen and Disney Princess! Tell me if you'll let it you because I'm sure you and your little girl won't! Pretty pink phone color for Disney Mobile- Princess while oh so cute baby blue for Frozen fans :)
Globe Disney Phones Pre-Orders Starts Now!
Disney Princess Phone
     Sharing with you more details on Frozen phone. I presume that this Globe Disney Phone will sell like hotcakes once available in stores. Of course if you'll register and pre-order now, your chances of having a Frozen phone will be high.
Globe Disney Phones Pre-Orders Starts Now!
Frozen Phone
      I think I'll get the Mickey Mouse phone for Kenzo because of he simply loves the head of The Clubhouse- Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse! I also like the phone's color and the apps included. Oh wait, there's more to Globe's Disney Phone offering- the bundles that you see below plus Disney Channels for six (6) months! Awesome :)
Globe Disney Phones Pre-Orders Starts Now!
     Disney Mobile will be available on May 27, 2016 but you may already register your interest at www.globe.com.ph/disney-mobile starting May 13, 2016 Are you excited to get a hold of your new Disney Mobile Phones? Here are the important things that you need to know:

1. For new application, a globe customer representative will contact you to process your application once the Disney Mobile is already available.

2. For recontracting customers, please call the hotline at 730-1300 for the processing of your request.

3. Please note that even if you have an existing application, verification process will still apply for new and recontracting subscribers that will register their interest in the website.

4. If you're a recontracting subscriber:

  • Lucky you because you will get to experience Disney Mobile first. 
  • The Disney Mobile will be delivered to them on May 23 if you applied starting May 13 until May 18 (NCR only, for provincial its May 13 until May 16), applications beyond that will be delivered after May 23

5. For new applications/subscribers:

  • Disney Mobile will be delivered on May 27 if you applied starting May 13 until May 20 (NCR only for provincial its May 13 – May 18), applications beyond that will be delivered after May 27. 
  • New applications are still subject for verification and approval thus, delivery might go beyond May 27.

     Take note that for applications from May 13 until May 20, store pick-up will not be available. All handsets will be delivered to your doorstep. Disney Mobile will be available in the Globe Stores starting May 27. So what are you waiting for, register now, sit back, and relax! I'll wait for your comments below on what Disney Phone model you'll get. 

Are you excited to have your own Disney Mobile phone? Go to their website and register now!


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