Friso Four Lock Nutri Workshop

Feature: Friso Four Lock Nutri Workshop

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

     I was invited to an afternoon of wholesome fun at the Wholesome Table in BGC last February 15, 2018, for Friso Four Nutri Lock Workshop. Does anyone of you know Friso Four? Friso is a brand from FrieslandCampina, a company that provides millions of consumers, in over 100 countries, with nutrient-rich food products. 100% packed and produced in the Netherlands, Friso is present in over 25 countries.

     Friso Four is a brand of milk, not just an ordinary milk because there is something unique on how it was processed and produced. The event aimed to help us discover the importance of providing natural nutrition for our kids and know more about the brand. Sharing the highlights of the event and the workshop below :)

Feature: Friso Four Lock Nutri Workshop


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