Feature: FarmFetch Same Day Vegetable Delivery

Thursday, May 14, 2020

     With the increasing number of Covid 19 cases here in the country, it looks like we are still staying at home in the coming months unless there is a very urgent matter or thing to do outside. This pandemic urges everyone to stay at home, stay healthy by building strong immune system and make frequent handwashing a part of our daily life. Aside from taking Vitamin C, one way of boosting our immune system is eating vegetables every day and we are glad that we don’t need to go outside to replenish our stocks at home because there's FarmFetch.

     FarmFetch is a farm-to-table SAME-DAY DELIVERY service that makes it easy for people to get their vegetable supply in just an hour via GrabMart. There are two options available with 5 kilos each of clean, fresh, and carefully picked vegetables. Sharing more information on how to order your favorite veggies at FarmFetch store below :)

Feature: FarmFetch Same Day Vegetable Delivery


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