FERN C-kidz Mother's Day Video

FERN-C kidz For #KalidadNaAlaga From Mom To Kids

Friday, May 12, 2017

    Mother's Day is just around the corner. Two days from now, the whole world will be celebrating this special day to say thank you to all the mothers who love their family unconditionally. Early this week, I stumbled upon a video showing a group of mothers and kids answering three heart-warming questions: what's your experience as a mother, do you consider yourself an ideal mom, and let's see what the kids have to say.

    My tears suddenly fell, I'm a cry baby and whenever I hear a mom sharing her experience my heart melts. The mothers shared their shortcomings in taking care of their children. Even though they're doing their best, they think it's not enough or their children doesn't appreciate them. I want to share a short story why despite the struggle in housekeeping, the impatient me in teaching my son his math lessons and the weary days and nights just to make sure I do all the mommy duties, I still love being a hands-on mom to my son :)

FERN-C kidz For #KalidadNaAlaga From Mom To Kids


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