Feature: Esfolio Facial Care

Sunday, March 10, 2019

     It has been 8 years since Esfolio was founded in 2011 and up to now, the brand continues to work hard to produce and sell quality skincare and cosmetics products that are safe and reliable to customers. If you're a fan of affordable K-Beauty products, then Esfolio is your best friend.

     Esfolio believe in their founder’s outlook to always be honest and confident. Honest and confident that they include quality ingredients at affordable prices to provide their customers with the best overall product experience. In line with these, the brand sent some of their best-selling skin care products made from natural ingredients to unleash one's natural beauty. Know more about Esfolio Skin Care after the jump.

Feature: Esfolio Facial Wash and Mask

     I received a bunch of skin care products from Esfolio as their Christmas gift last December and it includes their facial wash, face mask, and peeling gel. Here are the babies that contain simple and natural ingredients that you will love.

     Esfolio Cleansing Foam- deep cleansing facial foams to remove impurities and detoxifies problematic skin. Cleans and refreshes with a nutrient-enriched lather; removes dirt, excess sebum, and skin-clogging impurities; nourishes, hydrates, and soothes with glycerin
  • Charcoal- help fight acne by removing microparticles, dirt, and excess sebum from deep within pores. 
  • Herb- with six different herb extracts known as an excellent ingredient in calming and comforting stressed skin. It works to soften and smoothen your complexion.
  • Rose- infused with rose water extracts that moisturize and revitalize; helps maintain skin's optimal moisture content. This is my favorite variant among the three. 
  • P359 per 150 g tube.

Feature: Esfolio Facial Wash and Mask

     Esfolio Pure Skin Peeling Gel- gently exfoliates dead skin cells and improves skin texture. This  gommage-type formula contains soft cellulose ingredients; removes dead cells and pore-clogging dirt for soft, silky, clearer skin; helps you achieve a healthier look;
  • Green Tea- boosts elasticity as it tones and conditions with green tea extract, which is filled with numerous different vitamins.
  • Collagen- contains collagen extracts that increase elasticity and makes the skin glossy afterward. Contains honey and royal jelly extracts which are high in moisture that smoothes and moisturizes the skin. Propolis extracts contain flavonoid which soothes skin irritation and revitalizes stressed skin.
  • Aloe- contains pure aloe extract to ease tension and comfort sensitive complexions.
  • P369 per 150 ml tube.

Feature: Esfolio Facial Care 

     Esfolio Pure Skin Herb Essence Mask Sheet- these mask sheets are infused with highly concentrated ingredients that soothe and refreshes skin.
  • Rose Essence Mask Sheet- contains rose flower water extracts that help moisturize the skin; simultaneously soothes sensitivity and dryness; the hydrating formula is complemented with six different flower extracts to boost moisture in the skin.
  • Herb Essence Mask Sheet- contains 6 kinds of botanical extracts that helps comfort, calm, and hydrate your complexion; features an herb complex that works to boost moisture levels and lock it into the skin; deeply nourishes and conditions to banish dryness and roughness.
  • P54 per 25 ml sheet

Feature: Esfolio Facial Care 

     Esfolio Bandage Facial Mask- all-in-one mask sheet soaked in different kinds of solution for different skin concerns.
  • Whitening- enriched with ingredients such as galactomyces ferment filtrate (GFF), EGCG, and niacinamide; effective in moisturizing skin; controls sebum; increases elasticity; brightens the skin; infused with epigallocathecin from green tea extracts; protects the skin from sun damage; reduces skin inflammation.
  • Moisture- protects the skin from harmful substances; blocks the moisture using ceramides; enriched with hyaluornic acid to effectively hold the moisture of the skin; protects the skin from harmful UVB rays; increases skin elasticity.
  • Nutrition- enhances the skin barrier and elasticity with peptides and lotus placenta; improves circulation; stimulates the activity of the skin cells; has anti-aging benefits; prevents the formation of wrinkles.
  • Relaxing- enhances the skin barrier with our array of different madecassosides; contains holy grail ingredient, centella asiatica extracts; help soothe and calm stressed and angered skin; improves the overall circulation; synthesizes collagen in the body; effectively maintains a youthful complexion
  • P84 for 25 ml sheet

Feature: Esfolio Facial Care
Esfolio Bandage Facial Mask

     I'm currently road-testing Rose Essence Cleaning Foam. I love that it's gentle on skin, has a rich lather, and gives an instant glow after washing my face. I've tried the Pure Skin Collagen Peeling Gel for three times already but sadly, my skin reacts to it. My face turns red after gentle scrubbing. For the face masks, I tried the Rose Essence Mask Sheet and I love the glowing effect it gives my skin after using it for 20 minutes.

     Esfolio face care products are affordable yet effective plus it's easily accessible. If you're in a look for K-Beauty products infused with natural ingredients and easy on the budget, then Esfolio is here to the rescue.

     Have you tried Esfolio Facial Care products?

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  2. Hi Ns Kathfave ko ang Charcoal Facial faom at Collagen peeling gel 😍👍


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