Product Review: ENVO CALAMANSI + LEMONGRASS Radiant Eclipse Body Scrub

Saturday, June 08, 2013

     Hello dearies, let's continue our mini discussion here about ENVO. If you're a new reader of this blog, click here to know more about ENVO Bath and Body products. I presume you all know that my favorite scrubs are A Bonne Spa White C Salt and Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub and been using both alternately for more than 2 years now. I never expected that I will come across with an organic body scrub that will do the job in the exfoliation department. At first I'm very hesitant that it can remove dead skin cells because when I touched the "scrubbers"- apricot kernels, I said to myself that it's very fine and won't be able to exfoliate dirt from my skin. Since my skin is already used to harsh scrubbing (I know it's not good) because I really want to get rid of dirt and to have that uber squeaky clean feeling, small, tiny or fine particles will just slide off my skin. It's like scrubbing with no scrubs at all feeling. (hope you get what I mean) But lo and behold, this product is amazing! Now I need to believe in the saying "don't judge the book by it's cover" particularly with this product. haha!
     Join the fight against dark and damaged skin, with the perfect blend of Calamansi and Lemongrass; you can see nature take effect in no time. Its main purpose is Whitening giving its users that fair light skin they have always wanted. Its main benefits consist of skin lightening, tonic, aromatic, minimizes oil secretion, revitalize and strengthens skin. This body scrub is lotion based so you get lotion plus scrub in one. It has a generous amount of apricot kernels which are used to exfoliate the skin instead of micro beads. 
ENVO CALAMANSI + LEMONGRASS Radiant Eclipse Body Scrub- love the fancy design of their product label :)

Product Review: ENVO Peppermint Cucumber Aqua Frost Body Butter

     Hello, I'm back! Been MIA for days because the internet connection was acting up and if you noticed Dear Kitty Kittie Kath now has a new layout :) Do you like my new layout? Thank you so much to Deann of It's Me Deanne for the pretty design. It's simple that is so me! I will also launched my new domain name- kathrivera.com two weeks from now. So please visit this page from time to time for updates. 

     Anyhoo, if you still remember my post about ENVO Bath and Body products I'm sure you're very intrigued with the brand's product line. Actually, ENVO's current products are body butters, body scrubs and the soap that I already reviewed here. ENVO's body butter was my first organic lotion/moisturizer/body butter that's why I'm very excited to try it when I got hold of this months ago. Since the heat was very insane last month, this product became a staple in my skin care cabinet. I make sure that I apply an ample amount every after bath to refresh and give my skin the cooling sensation it needed. I skipped commercial brand lotions last April and May, splattering them all over my body just made my skin greasy and uncomfortable. Have you tried applying lotion then afterwards sweat runs out throughout your arms and legs? I know, we hate that feeling right? So this organic body butter just came in time and my summer never felt greasy and icky again :) To know more about ENVO Bath and Body products click here.

     The sun too hot for you to handle? Not anymore, a cooling sensation like no other, this body butter directly cools your skin right after application and stays there for hours. The mixture of Peppermint and Cucumber gives its users a double dose of freshness, not to mention that peppermint gives it a very attractive scent. Its main benefits are nourishes and hydrates your skin, soothes and softens the skin, relieves skin irritations and itchiness and it also help ease sting of sunburn.
ENVO Peppermint and Cucumber Aqua Frost Body Scrub

Product Review: ENVO Cranberry Soap

Monday, June 03, 2013

     When I first saw this lovely oval-like soap from ENVO, I thought of fancy soaps that's being sold during Christmas. I never expected it to be one of the "special" soap that will perform at par with my favorite organic soaps in giving me a soft and glowing skin. If you're a fan of sweet-smelling soap that smells oh so divine, then ENVO's Cranberry Tomato Soap is the right soap for you! So sit back and relax as I take you to nature's finest soap review from ENVO. If you want to know more about ENVO, click HERE :)

     Detox, Relax and Glow! Let ENVO's Cranberry Tomato soap take care of your blemished, tired and dull skin :) 

ENVO Cranberry Tomato Soap

Purify and cleanse your skin, give it that treatment it truly deserves. What’s unique about this soap is that it is made with cranberry giving it such an alluring scent alongside tomato which is one of the best things that helps nourish the skin. This soap will brighten dull and dark skin, open and eliminates all the dirt inside your pores and calms the skin. It is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins.


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