ENVO Cranberry Soap

Product Review: ENVO Cranberry Soap

Monday, June 03, 2013

     When I first saw this lovely oval-like soap from ENVO, I thought of fancy soaps that's being sold during Christmas. I never expected it to be one of the "special" soap that will perform at par with my favorite organic soaps in giving me a soft and glowing skin. If you're a fan of sweet-smelling soap that smells oh so divine, then ENVO's Cranberry Tomato Soap is the right soap for you! So sit back and relax as I take you to nature's finest soap review from ENVO. If you want to know more about ENVO, click HERE :)

     Detox, Relax and Glow! Let ENVO's Cranberry Tomato soap take care of your blemished, tired and dull skin :) 

ENVO Cranberry Tomato Soap

Purify and cleanse your skin, give it that treatment it truly deserves. What’s unique about this soap is that it is made with cranberry giving it such an alluring scent alongside tomato which is one of the best things that helps nourish the skin. This soap will brighten dull and dark skin, open and eliminates all the dirt inside your pores and calms the skin. It is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins.


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