Carrier Explains "The Science of Indoor Living" via "The Invisible Event"

Friday, October 29, 2021

     Did you know that indoors can be 10x more polluted than the outdoors? I was a bit shocked when I heard this last week that's why I got interested to know more about the science of indoor living and am thankful that Carrier Philippines launched this kind of event. I'm glad that I was invited to experience a unique sensory treat last week where I learned more about the Carrier Science Story

     Carrier Philippines recently launched its new message “The Science of Indoor Living” at its uniquely curated “Invisible Event” that provided us with a full sensorial experience, underscoring Carrier’s commitment to making life at home healthier, safer, and more comfortable in the new normal. Carrier, the world’s air care expert, demonstrated the power of the invisible--Carrier’s technology and solutions that work in the background to optimize conditions and filter out equally invisible pollutants, allergens and pathogens--through playing on the audience’s senses.

Carrier Explains "The Science of Indoor Living" via "The Invisible Event"


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