Beat the Heat and Prevent Summer Health Hazards at Home

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

     This insane heat is making everyone sweat! Summer is in full swing and we can't deny the fact that the scorching heat and almost boiling temperature makes uneasy for us to move. Our erratic weather also means the rise of communicable diseases that's why we need to look for ways to beat the summer heat. Though everyone looks forward to a sunny summer every year, the hot weather in this year’s summer seems to be too much everyone. 

     With still a few months to go until the climate returns to a mild condition, the risk of getting a heatstroke is higher than ever. When exposed to hot climate, the body’s temperature also rises and gets dehydrated in the process. Discover tips on how to beat the heat and prevent summer health hazards below.
Beat the Heat and Prevent Summer Health Hazards at Home
     When the body cannot function properly anymore, one experiences nausea, rapid breathing, palpitations, headache, and the skin appears flushed but dry at the same time. Heatstroke can strike at a 40 °C temperature or more, and if not managed properly, heatstroke can be fatal or may lead to damage to the brain, lungs, kidney and heart.

1. To prevent heatstroke, keeping the body hydrated is a must! 

     Aside from water, fresh juice can keep you refreshed this dry season. Aside from being a great source of refreshment, fresh juice is your way to a healthier you. The fresher the juice, the more beneficial it is to your body. And the best way to get the freshest juice is to make your own at home. There is no need to buy juice loaded with sugar; definitely not good for the body.
Beat the Heat and Prevent Summer Health Hazards at Home
     At home, you can choose which fruit or vegetable you prefer. Fruits like watermelon, cucumber, pear, apples, oranges and pineapple are best in keeping the body hydrated. You can even add herbs, like basil and mint, for a cooling effect. Lemon, calamansi and kamias are loaded with Vitamin C that can help maintain the body’s heat effective coping mechanism.

2. For an even healthier drink, add leafy greens! 

     These contain nutrients that aid in the proper functioning of the body’s temperature control system; or add celery, beets or carrots which naturally contain sodium that can help ward off heat exhaustion.
Beat the Heat and Prevent Summer Health Hazards at Home
photo taken from Breville's Facebook Page
     To be able to extract all the juice from fruits and vegetables without eradicating its nutritional content, you need the best tool out there that can do the job for you. Breville, a premier brand of kitchen tool from Australia, has a line of juicers that can cater to your needs.

Breville Juice Fountains
  • The Breville Juice Fountains are powerful juicers that can extract more juice and nutrients from any produce compared to other juicers. 
  • The Breville Juice Fountains come with 25% larger feed tubes, ensuring that fruits and vegetable of larger size can also fit in. 
  • No need to chop your fruits in small bits as large fruits can fit in the chute. You can also juice to your heart’s content as these juicer have a jug capacity that range from 1L to 1.2L.
  • The Breville Juice Fountains are equipped with full variable speed technology that allows you to control the speed. Soft fruits yield more juice at lower speed, while hard fruits produce more juice at high speed.
  • All Breville juicers are built with extractors that eject the dry pulp and contain it in an external basket during the juicing process. 
  • Breville juicers are efficient, fast, reliable, easy to use and easy to clean.
Beat the Heat and Prevent Summer Health Hazards at Home
Breville Juice Fountain
     Now, you can make your own juice at the comforts of your home and enjoy all its benefits. With your homemade juice, you do not need to worry about getting dehydrated when you are out and about. So what are you waiting for? Beat the summer heat, take care of your health and upgrade your lifestyle by having your kitchen Breville-lized this summer!

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