Bake Magic Together

The Maya Kitchen's Bake Magic Together

Monday, March 06, 2017

     Who here loves baking? I have a confession to make, my family runs a bakery and that's our bread and butter. My father is from Batangas and his relatives are also in the bakeshop industry. Isn't it ironic that I don't know how to bake? Well, I really do think because we run a bakery for almost 30 years and I wasn't able to knead a dough even once.

     I have five siblings, three girls and two boys. I'm the only daughter who doesn't know how to bake nor cook. Poor me but learning never stops right? That's why when The Maya Kitchen invited me to attend a baking class I excitedly said yes. After all, I'll be attending the class with my youngest sister Krystel who loves baking and my son Kenzo joined us too. I have to start em young, right? No need to ask because it runs in his blood. Highlights of our baking session and photos of our finished products after the jump!

The Maya Kitchen's Bake Magic Together
Kath, Kenzo, and my sister Krystel


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