Top 3 Baltimore Ghost Tours to Check Out This Halloween

Thursday, August 11, 2022

     Baltimore is one of the best cities in America to check out for occult exhibitions and tours of the paranormal. Within walking distance of some of the best Baltimore apartments for rent are some of the United States’ best and spookiest ghost tours.

     If you want to catch a glimpse of the paranormal and learn some incredible facts about U.S. history while you’re at it, here are three places in Baltimore you must see for yourself.

Top 3 Baltimore Ghost Tours to Check Out This Halloween
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Original Fells Point Haunted Pub Walk Tour

     First on our list is a tour that will give you a taste of the supernatural while you taste some craft beer as well. There are several haunted pubs and local breweries in Fells Point, and this tour sends you on a journey through all of them. Have a drink (or a few) as you drink in the atmosphere and history of Fells Point and experience the finest pubs that Baltimore has to offer.

     This walking tour has had its fair share of ghost sightings, so visitors should keep their eyes peeled for anything that seems supernaturally creepy. While tours are taking a break at this time due to pandemic conditions, they plan to reopen in the near future, so keep an eye out for announcements and make sure you catch a glimpse at the hauntings.

Original Fells Point Ghost Walk Tour

     The Fells Point Ghost Walk Tour is one of the original proliferators of Baltimore’s ghost walk tourism market and also one of the best. This walking tour will take you back to Baltimore’s time as a howdy seaport town, giving you glimpses at the ghosts of the many sailors, immigrants, and pirates that once populated the city.

     It’s no wonder there are still many spirits haunting the streets, with how many lively souls there are in the living plane eager to get a glimpse of them. Group and individual bookings are active from April to November, but October is when tours really amp up and when the spirits come out to play. If you’re looking for a place to let history walk among you, you simply must check out the best ghost tour in Baltimore.

Mt. Vernon GhostWalk

     Perhaps an unexpected place to find when looking for the most haunted places on the east coast, Mt. Vernon is nonetheless a powerfully spooky place as much as it is a historical landmark. Just in time for Halloween, the Mt. Vernon GhostWalk tour is a perfect trip for those eager to learn some haunted history this October.

     Hear about those who have never checked out of the Belvedere, a séance gone wrong, and more than one grand dame who still oversees the activities of her home. While you may think you know the history of Baltimore’s cultural center point, this tour will assure you that there’s still much to learn. Head to Mt. Vernon this Halloween to, as their website proudly claims, “pull back the curtain and peer into the other side.”

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