Can Diet Boost Your Immune System and Provide Better Health?

Friday, July 23, 2021

     Your immune system is responsible for fighting off diseases and infections that threaten your well-being. And with the coronavirus still posing a threat, many have thought of different ways to boost their immune system and prepare it to fight this virus in case they ever get exposed. However, this system is a complex one with different cells, receptors, organs, and antibodies that work as a team to protect the body from diseases and infections.

     But sometimes, our immune system fails and can’t seem to protect us from threats, so we fall ill – which makes us wonder,” how can we boost our immunity well enough to avoid sickness?”

Can Diet Boost Your Immune System and Provide Better Health?
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Does your diet boost your immune system?

     A lot of times, we’ve heard that taking enough vegetables, fruits, and meals with healthy nutrients is the secret to boosting immunity. However, researchers have debunked this rumor and tagged it as untrue.

     The inclusion of healthy meal options and quality food supplements like Chaga that meet the various demands of your immune system is good for strengthening your immune system. However, they do not hold the capacity to boost your immune system. A healthy diet only plays a crucial part in maintaining the functions of your immune system.

     You must know that individual nutrients do not meet the requirements of your immune system, but a combination of nutrients does. Making nutrient-dense foods is the only way to keep your immune cells in good condition to fight off diseases and infections.

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Other healthy ways to strengthen your immune system

     You need your immune system to stay as strong as possible. While having healthy meal options is a good and sufficient start, trying out other healthy strategies is a great idea. Here are some lifestyle changes that can help strengthen your immune system;
  • Quit smoking if you already do
  • Moderate your alcohol consumption
  • Stay clear of infection by washing your hands, fruits, and other food items thoroughly before consumption
  • Avoid stress and only participate in activities that reduce your stress level
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get enough sleep every day

     With these healthy lifestyle choices, you avoid exposure to infections and diseases without having your immune system fight them in the first place.

The downside of unnaturally boosting your immune system

     Products, supplements, and lifestyle choices that promise to boost your immune system are usually dangerous. The idea that more is better doesn’t apply in this case, as it may only deteriorate the functions of your immune system.

     High doses of supplements and nutrients can speed up the spread of the infection you’re fighting and lead to nutrient deficiency. The side effects of “immune boosters” are hazardous. For example, athletes that attempt to boost their immune system by blood doping, which increases the number of blood cells, may suffer severe side effects, because this procedure even leads to strokes.

Bottom line

     There are no scientific methods of boosting our immune system. All you need to know is that a healthy immune system generates immune cells that are needed to fight off diseases and infections, and automatically remove these cells when in excess or after successfully eradicating the said diseases or infections.


  1. I like how you differentiate each process, this is very helpful in order to boost our immune system which is relevant especially now that we are still battling against the virus. This is very informative.

  2. Thank you for sharing Ms. Kath very informative po ang topic and worth basahin. Dapat talaga naging maingat tayo sa health natin lalo na sa immune system natin para may panlaban tayo sa virus. Daily exercise, healthy diet, and trusted supplement.

  3. Talagang napakahalaga na magkaroon tayo Ng malakas na immune system Lalo na sa panahon ngayon uso Ang sakit kaya dapat ay healthy Tayo. Dapat talaga we always eat healthy foods and iwasan ung mga bisyo na makakasaya satin


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