Finding the Best Dress for a Filipino Summer

Monday, May 11, 2020

     The idea of dressing up for the summer is always exciting. The season calls for experimentation, allowing you to be adventurous with the clothes and accessories you wear, from your choice of scrunchie, all the way down to your flip-flops. In Western countries, dressing up for the summer means doing away with your chunky sweaters and thick leggings and opting for clothing pieces in brighter colors and fun prints. But in tropical countries like the Philippines, wearing summer-appropriate clothing can be tricky as you have to deal with humid weather. While it's always nice to be as stylish as possible, you also don't want to wear layers to avoid getting uncomfortable.

     So what has one got to do to remain breezy and trendy at the same time? Wearing a dress, of course! Dresses have always been known as one-trick wonders that style themselves. And when it comes to picking dresses best suited for the Philippine weather, you may want to consider a couple of factors. The rise in temperature shouldn't be an excuse to lay low on your sartorial standards, but you also don't want to wear a dress that will put a damper on your comfort. Here is a list of things you may want to consider when shopping for summer dresses.

Finding the Best Dress for a Filipino Summer
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The Print

     Summer is always associated with vivid colors, and nothing screams summer than bright, botanical prints. Refinery29 notes that it's always best to opt for vibrant hues and prints, like classic paisley or a fresh, polka-dot-meets-floral hybrid pattern. If you're print-shy, going for a lush design is ideal.

The Style

     The style of the dress usually hinges on your personal taste, but whatever your aesthetic you have, it's always recommended to dress for your body type. PrettyMe's rundown of the best dresses for petite figures highlights how important it is to find a style that fits your figure perfectly, so you can feel more confident about what you wear. Ideally, the dresses you choose flatters your beautiful and unique body structure.

The Fabric

     The fabrics you opt to wear during the warmer months impact not only your look but also your comfort level. Given the heat and humidity, you want to stay cool with the clothes you wear. Choose fabrics that are breezy, lightweight, and breathable. You may want to look into fabrics like cotton, linen, and chambray. Be sure to stay away from materials like nylon, acrylic, polyester, vinyl, and fleece, as these fabrics are made to keep your body warm.

Wrapping up

     When choosing summer dresses, you want the pieces to be fun, accommodate your body shape, and maintain your comfort throughout the warm months. However, given that summer dressing is practically synonymous with loud prints and quirky cuts and finishes, those who are more lowkey with their style may face difficulty finding a summer dress that suits them. In that case, check out our Your Minimalistic Wardrobe Guide, which outlines how to stick with only the essentials to keep your closet at a minimum.


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  2. Perfect choices!! Considering this I shopped from Zalora store for some comfortable outfits for hot summer. Thank you for your helpful post. Keep sharing such amazing & informative content.

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