Ways To Take Care of Your Liver

Thursday, July 04, 2019

     The liver is one of the most important organs of the body and is responsible for the chemical actions that the body needs to survive. It is the largest internal organ of the body that is essential to digestion and antioxidant action of toxins in your body.

     You are what you eat and so is the health of your liver. Think about fatty food and alcohol. When you eat and drink excessive amounts every day, it will damage your liver little by little until the time that it will fail its bodily function. This “Silent Hero” needs tender loving care like other organs of the body that's why we must take care of it always! Know more about this powerhouse organ and how to take care of it.

Ways To Take Care of Your Liver
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Liver Functions
  • Storage facility- it stores important vitamins, energy, and minerals and releases them in the blood.
  • A soldier that helps in resisting infections by producing immune factors and removing bacteria from the blood.
  • Nutrient processing plant that feeds you and vice versa. It processes multiple nutrients once your food is digested. So what you eat and drink can tell how healthy your liver is.
  • A detoxifier that detoxifies by metabolizing and expelling drugs, alcohol and environmental toxins from your system.
  • The liver also produces proteins that are crucial in blood clotting.

Ways To Take Care of Your Liver

Ways To Take Care of Your Liver

1. Drink in moderation

     Alcohol abuse is a common cause of liver disease but obesity, parasites, viruses and bacteria can also affect your liver health. 

2. Eat Mindfully

     Remember that the liver gives your body the energy for its day-to-day needs. Among liver-friendly food and drinks are grapes, berries, garlic, coffee and green tea.

Ways To Take Care of Your Liver
photo from pexels.com

3. Exercise

     You may start by walking then can shift to aerobic and resistance training if you have a fatty liver. Start incorporating light to moderate exercise that will help you maintain a healthy liver. 
4. Take liver supplements

     Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and proper diet together with intake of essential phospolipids may help improve liver function. Manufactured in Germany, Phospolipids (Essentiale Forte P) contains purified essential phospholipids or EPL, which is extracted from natural food that can be easily absorbed by liver cells. 

Ways To Take Care of Your Liver

     Essentiale, an over-the-counter medicine, is clinically proven to strengthen liver health by promoting the repairing function and regeneration of liver cells.

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