5 Super Simple Ways to Make Your Garden Look Great

Sunday, June 02, 2019

     Summer is almost here, which means you might not have the time or the budget to undergo a huge garden or backyard makeover. However if your garden could do with some TLC and needs help getting ready for the summer months ahead, then I can help! Here you’ll find 5 super simple ways to make your garden look great. 

5 Super Simple Ways to Make Your Garden Look Great
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Introduce some new plants, trees and shrubs

     You’ll be amazed at what an impact adding something as simple as a new tree, shrubs and some pots filled with beautiful flowers can make. They’re the perfect way to introduce colour, shade, nature and beauty in your outdoor space. Check out The Tree Center to find out more about which plants and trees are best suited to your garden. 


     That old garden patio set that’s gathering dust and cobwebs in the garage? Well, instead of blowing your budget on a completely new set, why not consider upcycling instead? Updating your garden furniture will save you a fortune and it’s super simple to do. Head to your local DIY store to pick up some furniture paints, paintbrushes and some weather protection products. Check out some tutorials on YouTube to help get you started. Maybe you have some interesting items in your home that you’re unsure what to do with? Old chimney pots could make perfect planters as could an old pairs of wellies!

Add some pretty lighting

     Good lighting can make a real difference to your outdoor space, especially if you’re entertaining! There’s nothing wrong with something simple, like a collection of tealights in beautiful jars or tealight holders, but you could also try solar lighting like fairy lights, garden stakes or even wall sconces. Lighting around your patio area will certainly create a stylish, sophisticated feel. And speaking of your patio area…

Hire a pressure washer

     Once you’ve discovered the incredible results that you get from a power washer, it will become your new obsession! We don’t often realize how grimy and dirty our patios are, and one session with a power washer can literally strip away years of dirt, revealing what looks like a brand new patio underneath! If you’re a little apprehensive about doing this yourself then you can always hire someone to help you.

Create some storage 

     There are lots of storage solutions for the garden. So you don’t need to solely rely on your tired old garden shed. Beautiful boxes, a summer house, etc – all these options are ideal for keeping the kids toys and your garden equipment safe and secure, as well as protected from the elements. 

Keep it tidy

     It’s not always easy to keep your garden spotless. But making sure you keep on top of weeds, garden debris and leaves will certainly keep your garden or outdoor space looking stylish and ready for a summer filled with fun! Aim to do a little maintenance at least once a week, and keep an eye on the weather forecast so you know when to safely get the lawnmower out!

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