What You’re Doing Wrong: Stop These Bad Habits If You Want to Lose Weight

Friday, March 08, 2019

     How many times have you made the decision in your mind to lose weight? For most women, we make that decision constantly. We’ve tried all the latest diets and trends, yet it seems like we still can’t lose the weight we want. If you have that mindset like many other frustrated dieters, just know that you’re not alone. 

     Right now, it may seem like you’re not ever going to get rid of fat or get the body you desire, but have you ever sat back and tried to get down to the bottom of why you’re not seeing the result of your hard work? Well, truth be told, you might be the very source of what’s hindering your own progress and not even realize it… but don’t panic… there is hope out there.

What You’re Doing Wrong: Stop These Bad Habits If You Want to Lose Weight
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     Once you get to the bottom of what’s hindering your progress, you can then make changes and adjustments to what you’re currently doing. Take a look at some of these common mistakes people make in their efforts to lose weight.

Stop Solely Focusing on What the Scale Says

     It’s easy to feel like you’re not seeing weight loss results as fast as you want even though you’re sticking to a strict diet, especially when the scale is constantly reminding you that your efforts “haven’t been working.”

     What people don’t realize is that the scale is only one measure of weight loss. Weight is actually influenced by so many different factors. Things such as fluid intake and food in your system can drastically change that number on the scale. 

     In fact, according to Healthline, your weight can fluctuate up to 4 pounds throughout the day, depending on how much food and fluid you consume. If you’ve been exercising, you can gain weight in muscle too so that will add to that number on the scale as well. With all those factors playing a role in your weight, don’t let the number on the scale be the sole determining factor of your progress.

What You Can Do

     Use the scale as a tool to keep track of your progress but also pay attention to other things like how your clothes fit.

Stop Setting Goals That are Unrealistic

     When you’re on the journey to weight loss, its exciting at the beginning but it’s during this time that you start setting unrealistic goals. A lot of times we tend to have high expectations and when our expectations are not met, it causes us to lose motivation to continue on with our journey.

What You Can Do

     Set small goals that are attainable for you to reach. Whether it’s going to the gym twice a week or eating a vegetable with lunch each day. The smaller goals will essentially be the road map to your weight loss journey and as you reach each goal, it will give you that confidence boost you need to keep going on your journey.

Stop Letting Time Be Your Excuse for Not Losing Weight

     We hear all the time that people want to lose weight but don’t have the time to. Well, we all know that when it’s something you really want, no matter how busy you are, you will MAKE the time. A study showed that 41% of women used time as an excuse as to why they don’t eat better and 73% of women used time as an excuse as to why they didn’t exercise. Bottom line is, if you want to live a healthier lifestyle, then you have to make time for it.

What You Can Do

     Now there are women who lead very busy lifestyles who want to lose weight but their schedules make it very difficult to do. One thing that women have been doing to combat fat is to eliminate fat cells without plastic surgery. This procedure is non-invasive and once you get it done, you can continue on with your day… perfect for today’s busy woman.

Stop Letting Front-of-Package Marketing Make You Think You’re Eating Healthy

     As consumers, venturing on a healthy journey, we take it full-on. We want everything labeled “organic” and “zero calories” but based on that label, how “healthy” are those foods actually? Studies have shown that people are more likely to overeat foods labeled as “organic” just because it says it on the label.

What You Can Do

     Ignore the marketing on the front of these food packages and go straight to the nutritional facts label. What people fail to see is that these so-called “healthy” foods may have healthy ingredients in them but they’re too high in sugar or too high in fat for your weight loss plan to be successful. Don’t be fooled by the front of the package and go straight to the nutritional facts.

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