Product Review: Haenim UV Sterilizer

Saturday, February 03, 2018

     The advancement of technology is inevitable. From simple things to the complicated and unexplainable ones, the truth is everything is possible. When we speak of technology, the first thing that comes to mind is gadget followed by appliances and devices that are brought about by the innovation of science and technology. We are lucky because these things make life easy. 

     From the gadget that we use to communicate, the appliances that we use to help us get through the day and the devices that make our work simpler. Living in the present world has its perks and for a 24/7 mom like me, nothing beats the help of modern technology. Think of microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, air conditioner and automatic washer, these appliances make life a breeze. Speaking of appliances, have you heard of UV sterilizer? If not, I'll introduce you to one of the most technologically advanced appliances that I have at home- HAENIM UV STERILIZER!

Product Review: Haenim UV Sterilizer

     The advancement of technology has pros and cons. Our environment needs to adapt to this hence, germs and other microorganisms evolve too. This time, we need to be more vigilant in protecting our family from germ causing disease at home that's why cleanliness at all times is a must.

     But what if you're still not satisfied after cleaning your household items using an anti-bacterial soap? If you have a baby, I presume that you are using a sterilizer to disinfect baby-ware such as bottles and toys at home. Do you still use the old age sterilizer? If yes, I think it's time for you to ditch those and consider UV sterilizing. 

Product Review: Haenim UV Sterilizer

UV Sterilizing

     This basically is the process of disinfecting and killing bacteria from objects with the use of UV light or ultraviolet rays. Through the advancement of technology, UV light is channeled and used in breaking molecular bonds between the micro-organism DNA of bacteria. This process disrupts its cellular functions to effectively kill germs. One of the most advanced and best-selling UV sterilizer in Asia Pacific is Haenim Smart Sterilizer which I'll be reviewing below :) 

Product Review: Haenim UV Sterilizer
Sterilization ON! You can see the digital time and temperature on the tempered glass door.

HAENIM UV Sterilizer
  • A premium smart dryer and sterilizer in one.
  • It eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria on surfaces that are exposed to its UV-C light.
  • Has 100% drying power ensuring that there is no moisture where bacteria can grow from and parents do not need to wipe or air-dry items.
  • Specially designed for baby bottles, toys, household items, and even mobile phones and remote controls :)
  • Available in six different colors with premium finishes: black, silver, metal silver, pink, green, and blue.
  • The only sterilizer with an Automated Storage System (auto-sterilize for every 2hrs up to 4x)
  • Know more what Haenim UV Sterilizer can do for you. Click here: FAQ

Product Review: Haenim UV Sterilizer

size: 5 kg (n.w)
295 (W) x 375 (D) x 415 (H) mm

price: 14,899.00 php (Around $288.44+)

place bought: Free
Available on My Baby Planet - S&R Commonwealth, My Baby Planet - Puregold Qi Central, BabyMama - Ortigas, BabyMama - Alabang, BabyMama - BGC

type: PTC Heater/DUAL Osram UV Lamp

rating: AC220~240V 50/60hz

consumption: 80Watt

accessories: Shelf, Basket, 3g Instruction Manual, Warranty Card, Power Cord, Toothbrush Holder

Product Review: Haenim UV Sterilizer
What's inside the box? Accessories

instructions for use: There are 4 buttons to choose. Each button corresponds to the kind of work you want the unit to do. 

Product Review: Haenim UV Sterilizer
One touch system
  • AUTO- Auto Button 1- Touch one time for drying and UV function in a short time. Auto Button 2- Touch two times and has the same function as button 1 but longer especially if there is still water. Auto Button 3- Touch three times, the same function as button 2 and longer if the water is still there.
  • UV- UV function and no need to use the dryer.
  • DRY- Dry function and no need to use the UV.
  • STORAGE- Continue sterilizing for every 2 hours for 4 times a day.

Product Review: Haenim UV Sterilizer
Instruction Manual

What I like:

1. First and only smart sterilizer in the Philippines. You can control the sterilizer using your Android or iOS device. The app can be downloaded in the play store. 

Product Review: Haenim UV Sterilizer
Using the Haenim UV App

Product Review: Haenim UV Sterilizer
Here's how the app looks like on my Android phone

2. It's spacious! It can sterilize 16 baby bottles and accessories. Since I don't have a baby at home, I use the sterilizer to disinfect housewares like my son's lunch box, mugs, random bottles, and small plates. 

Product Review: Haenim UV Sterilizer
After sterilizing housewares and my son's things

3. I'm amazed that I can sterilize toothbrushes, stuff toys, and toy cars hassle-free.

Product Review: Haenim UV Sterilizer
After sterilizing my son's toys

4. Ease of use. The sterilizer is equipped with various features such as a timer, temperature sensor, Bluetooth capabilities, a dual fan for heating and drying, and can be used in different modes.

Product Review: Haenim UV Sterilizer
Handle of door

5. Haenim also has 100% Drying Power, ensuring that there is no moisture where bacteria can grow from and parents do not need to wipe or air-dry items.

Product Review: Haenim UV Sterilizer

6. It's portable. Since no water system is involved in sterilizing, the unit can be placed anywhere in the house.

Product Review: Haenim UV Sterilizer
Laundry room

7. Easy to maintain. My Haenim UV Sterilizer is sitting pretty in the laundry room in non-laundry days and I don't need to cover the unit at all. It's easy to clean, I only need to wipe once a week with a damp cloth if I see dust on the surface.

Product Review: Haenim UV Sterilizer
Laundry room

What I don't like:
     None so far! I love this appliance even if the price is not budget-friendly. I'm an OC mom. I'm strict when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting the things inside our house. I prefer having an appliance worth investing so I'll have a peace of mind.

     I give this a 5/5 rating. If I only have a baby at this moment, all my worries and troubles of cleaning the bottles and sterilizing will be gone because of Haenim UU Sterilizer. This appliance is a great investment for modern homes. I highly recommend getting this sterilizer, especially for meticulous moms as you'll be worry-free of germs.

     You not only get to disinfect baby bottles and baby wares because toys, toothbrushes, even books, mobile phones, and remote controls will be germ-free after sterilizing using Haenim UV. It's easy to use and equip with different functions- you get to dry, sterilize, and store baby bottles so you'll never run out. Haenim UV Sterilizer has amazing features and the design is something that you want to see every day. I have a thing with simple yet functional appliances and this sterilizer got the best of both worlds!

What sterilizer do you use at home? 

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  1. Wow, this is an amazing sterilizer. I would want to check if they are availbale online :)

    1. Hi,

      Yes, it's really nice! Thanks and do check, we need this now that we don't know the viruses we have in the environment.


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