Feature: Artsy Couture + Canvas Wrap

Monday, February 05, 2018

     I've been talking about technology in my recent blog posts because I see more of the positive side. We are lucky because the advancement of technology enables us to achieve what seems impossible some five or ten years ago.  I want to show you something that I'm so happy and proud of- my canvas wrap with photos of my son.

     In this digital age, taking photos need not be complicated. You can take a photo using you mirrorless camera or mobile phone and print it anytime, anywhere. The 'in' thing today when it comes to displaying your photos at home is by transforming them into pristine works of art. Prolly you've seen canvass wraps on display in your favorite restaurant or photoshops but it's best if you have one or two at home, right? I've seen a handful of shops offering this kind of service but Artsy Couture stands out. Know more about Artsy Couture and why I highly recommend them in the canvas wrap department below :)

Feature: Artsy Couture + Canvas Wrap
Our living room, still on renovation but my canvas wrap made it look more presentable

Artsy Couture

     Artsy Couture started out in a small two-car garage with one dream and one product (Professional Print Wraps, formerly known as Gallery Blocks.) With a lot of sleepless nights and a creative mindset, Artsy Couture was built and launched for the professional photography market.

     These blocks are the same design as their canvas wraps, but instead of a canvas print material, they used a metallic premium paper that is adhered to the blocks base. This was different from anyone in the industry at the time and their canvas wrap design has followed suit.

     They are based out of Hunt Valley, Maryland, just outside of Baltimore City. They operate out of two production facilities, with an amazing team creating a new product, monitoring quality and working on new product designs and print ideas.

Feature: Artsy Couture + Canvas Wrap

  • To provide photographers with the highest-quality, most innovative photo products at amazing price points.
  • They are now a full-service, boutique photo lab offering an array of premium and innovative products.
  • They are professionals in photo, where they make sure that the products are exceptional in color & quality every single time. 
  • They strive to bring products that you have never seen before, products that thrill your clients and products you will be proud to offer. 

Feature: Artsy Couture + Canvas Wrap

  • Canvas Wraps are available in 19 sizes, from 8x10” to 30x40”.
  • All sizes can be ordered in a 0.75” depth or a 1.5” depth.
  • Color Corrections can be added to your order at no additional charge.
  • All pieces include a classic black matboard backing, wall bumpers, and a pre-installed sawtooth or picture wire hanger.

Feature: Artsy Couture + Canvas Wrap
Canvas Wrap

My Artsy Couture 

     I selected all the best photos I have in my storage prior to placing my order. They offer different sizes so don't worry if you're planning to place the canvas wrap in your room, office desk, living room, or in places where you want to display your it.

     My mind was set to make a collage of my son's photo from birth up to present but I can't find a decent hi-resolution photo in my storage. Artsy Couture will do their best to resize the photo to avoid pixelating so it's very important to choose photos with the best quality.

     Since I only have a limited set of photos that will best fit the size of my canvas which is the biggest size (30x40), I asked for their help to apply the best layout. They sent three different layouts that are so nice and it took me days to decide which one to print.

    After the decision was made, they told me that they'll be printing the canvas right away. I'm so excited that time even though I felt anxious about the shipping and programmed my mind that the parcel will be delayed because hello it's December. 

    Nearly two weeks of waiting, I finally received a notice from our postal office that I have a parcel. My heart beats fast and I cannot contain my excitement. Lo and behold, a big package was claimed and this beautiful masterpiece made my tears fell...

Feature: Artsy Couture + Canvas Wrap

1. The canvas wrap aren’t stretched around a hollow frame. They’re professionally mounted to a solid wood structure, which means they are guaranteed to never sag or warp.

Feature: Artsy Couture + Canvas Wrap
Back part, solid wood structure

2. I noticed that the canvas wrap has tight and clean corners.

Feature: Artsy Couture + Canvas Wrap

3. The colors are so nice! Looking closely at the photos, there are no pixelated areas and can attest to the vibrant color of each photo printed on the canvas. I think it's because they are one of the only few labs in the world to receive a G7 Color Certification, the industry’s most prestigious award for color management and consistency.

Feature: Artsy Couture + Canvas Wrap

4. Their canvas is made with protective UV coating, making it resistant to fading over time. Cleaning and maintaining are easy because all I need to do is wipe with a damp cloth to maintain the color. The canvas wrap also comes with wall bumpers so that it will not stick on the paint and will reduce scratching or accidental bumps on the wall surface.

Feature: Artsy Couture + Canvas Wrap

Products and services:

How to order?

     Thank you so much, Artsy Girls especially to Cate for this. This canvas wrap was one of the best gifts that I've received last Christmas. I'm so happy I have this kind of display in our house that I will treasure forever!

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