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Feature: Artsy Couture + Canvas Wrap

Monday, February 05, 2018

     I've been talking about technology in my recent blog posts because I see more of the positive side. We are lucky because the advancement of technology enables us to achieve what seems impossible some five or ten years ago.  I want to show you something that I'm so happy and proud of- my canvas wrap with photos of my son.

     In this digital age, taking photos need not be complicated. You can take a photo using you mirrorless camera or mobile phone and print it anytime, anywhere. The 'in' thing today when it comes to displaying your photos at home is by transforming them into pristine works of art. Prolly you've seen canvass wraps on display in your favorite restaurant or photoshops but it's best if you have one or two at home, right? I've seen a handful of shops offering this kind of service but Artsy Couture stands out. Know more about Artsy Couture and why I highly recommend them in the canvas wrap department below :)

Feature: Artsy Couture + Canvas Wrap
Our living room, still on renovation but my canvas wrap made it look more presentable


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