Product Review: Ladouce Tampons

Thursday, December 14, 2017

     I've been using a sanitary napkin for more than 25 years already. I had my menstrual period at an early age and that time, sanitary napkins are the ones readily available in the sari-sari store and supermarket. It was only in college when I saw a tampon box inside my friend's bag. I wondered what it was and why she's using that kind of sanitary protection. I didn't bother asking but from that moment, my curiosity on how to use a tampon did not leave my mind.

     Fast forward today, I've read a lot of things about using a tampon. There are more myths than facts but after researching and asking friends who have tried a tampon, I finally decided to give it a try. I'm a first timer and I was satisfied using this kind of sanitary protection. No leaks, no rashes, and best of all I can do physical activities that I'm afraid of doing when I have my monthly period. Meet Ladouce Tampons- a European brand now available in the Philippines.

Product Review: Ladouce Tampons

Why I've decided to try a tampon?
  • As what I've said in the introduction, I've experienced leaks, rashes, and darkening of the inguinal area because of the traditional sanitary napkins.
  • I've tried several brands already and the type of pads they are offering always give irritation so I have to change more often but still I develop rashes during and after my menstrual period.
  • I'm really curious how the tampon works and I want to debunk the myths attached to it.
  • I'm after the soft, secure, and safe promise of Ladouce Tampons so I'm sold.

Product Review: Ladouce Tampons

 Ladouce Tampons
  • Ladouce is providing women with sanitary protection by offering several hygienic products.
  • Tampons are by far the favorite of many women all over the world compared to napkins.
  • Because it is worn inside the body; even swimming during your menstruation is not a problem anymore with Ladouce Tampons. 
  • Ladouce tampons are designed to prevent menstrual leaking.
  • Ladouce tampons lock the fluid into the tampon core and provide 6-8 hours protection.
  • You can swim, do your favorite activities or sports, and sleep with a tampon.
  • Sleeping with a tampon is okay as long as you change regularly. Since the protection is 6-8 hours, you should use a new tampon before going to bed. 

Product Review: Ladouce Tampons
Ladouce Tampons sizes

1. Ladouce Tampons Mini
  • The smallest of the three tampon sizes.
  • It is best for very light to light menstrual flow. 
  • This size will absorb around 6-9 grams of menstrual flow.
  • If you're a first time user, this size is for you.

Product Review: Ladouce Tampons
Ladouce Tampon Mini

2. Ladouce Tampons Normal
  • This size is best for moderate menstrual flow. 
  • This size will absorb around 9-12 grams of menstrual flow.
  • If you're already on the second day of menstruation, try changing from mini to normal.

Product Review: Ladouce Tampons
Ladouce Tampon Normal

3. Ladouce Tampons Super
  • This size is best for heavy menstrual flow. 
  • This size will absorb around 12-15 grams of menstural flow.
  • If you really have a heavy flow starting on your second day and lasts up to the third and fourth day, this is the best size to prevent leaks. 

Product Review: Ladouce Tampons
Ladouce Tampon Super

Product Review: Ladouce Tampons
Product information

size: mini, normal, super
2 boxes of 16 tampons per box 

price: mini- 349 php (Around $6.93+)
normal- 369 php (Around $7.33+)
super - 391 php (Around $7.76+)

place bought: Free

instructions for use: WASH HANDS properly before and after using the tampon. Follow the instructions below 

Product Review: Ladouce Tampons
Infographic instructions

Product Review: Ladouce Tampons
How to insert Ladouce Tampon 

made of: 100% natural, soft, and sterile body-friendly materials like viscose and a cotton string.

What I like:
  • Ladouce Tampon is package in a neat and discreet box that's easy to bring anytime, anywhere. It's individually wrapped too.
  • The price is affordable. If I'll do the math, a box will last up to 3-4 days already depending on the flow of menstruation. 
  • This tampon offers three sizes. You can use all the sizes depending on your menstrual flow. 
  • This can be used by first-timers easily up until the menopause.
  • Ladouce tampons are made of 100% natural, soft, and sterile body-friendly materials like viscose and a cotton string
  • No need to remove while urinating. Just hold the string away from where the urine is passing. 
  • Can be worn overnight but be sure to change to a new tampon before sleeping.
  • The protection can be from 6-8 hours. I only have a light flow that's why I use the mini size on my first and second day. No leaks at all.
  • The Ladouce tampon can be used while swimming and exercise though I did not try those during my menstruation period early this month.
  • NO irritation or rashes or whatsoever.
  • No odor during my menstrual period.
  • I don't feel that I'm using it. At first, it feels weird after inserting since it's my first time. But after walking, I don't feel anything. 
  • It's easy to dispose of since it's small. 

What I don't like:
  • None so far.

Will I repurchase? YES! I'm planning to share this with my sisters and friends too.

     I give this a 5/5 rating. Ladouce Tampon is easy to use. I really had a very nice experience using this tampon. No irritations and rashes like what I always get when using traditional sanitary pads. The product comes with a leaflet that's full of information. All the questions on my mind were answered after reading the leaflet and by visiting the website. 

     Always remember to WASH HANDS PROPERLY before and after using a tampon. Proper hygiene is important. There's no harm in trying so if you want to try a tampon, the brand that you should try is Ladouce. Inform yourself by reading facts about tampon especially in Ladouce website where you'll learn a lot of things. It's made from soft materials, it stays inside that's why I feel secure during my monthly period and I know it's safe to use as long as you follow the instructions and be mindful of proper hygiene not only when you have a monthly period but in all times.

Have you tried using a tampon?

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