FERN-C kidz: Your Children’s Holiday Health Buddy

Friday, December 08, 2017

     Nearly three weeks from now and its Christmas! No one can deny that the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. Christmas is the time to celebrate with family and friends, a time to of happy cheers because of gatherings and reunions but it will be unfortunate if one of you get sick.

     This holiday, make sure you do your best to protect your family, especially your kids, from catching infectious diseases. I know you're all busy shopping for gifts and preparing for Christmas parties. So mommies, let the kids enjoy the holidays in their healthiest shape by boosting their immunity. Make FERN-C kidz your children’s holiday health buddy this yuletide season. Tara moms, Silipin ang C ng FERN-C kidz! 

 FERN-C kidz: Your Children’s Holiday Health Buddy

FERN-C kidz
  • Sses Sodium Ascorbate, the non-acidic form of vitamin C. 
  • This makes FERN-C kidz less acidic as compared to other vitamin C’s available in the market. Moreover, based on the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s vitamin C studies, Sodium Ascorbate vitamin C is more reactive in building connective tissues and antibody structures, enabling the vitamin C to be well and easily absorbed by the body; therefore allowing your kids to reap the benefits of vitamin C.
  • Is also formulated with Zinc which further builds their resistance from illnesses and common diseases. 
  • Zinc is also essential for their growth, sensory and cognitive development. 

 FERN-C kidz: Your Children’s Holiday Health Buddy

Why I highly recommend FERN-C kidz
  • This is my son's current Vitamin C supplement as of this writing and was recommended by his pediatrician months ago.
  • FERN-C kidz comes from the makers of FERN-C—the number one Sodium Ascorbate vitamin C brand in the Philippines. 
  • It is also the only vitamin C syrup that has the Quali-C seal, which stands for world-class quality. 
  • As a product of FERN Inc. and having the Quali-C seal, you are assured of the product’s quality and efficacy.
  • The vitamin C and Zinc combination in every bottle of FERN-C kidz is ideal for giving your children a boosted immunity. 
  • FERN-C kidz comes in a delicious orange flavor that your children will surely love! 

 FERN-C kidz: Your Children’s Holiday Health Buddy

size: 60mL and 120mL bottle

price: 62 php and 119 php

place bought: Free
Available in drugstores, supermarkets and FERN Kiosks nationwide

instruction for use: Children >12 yr 5 mL once daily, 4-12 yr 2.5 mL once daily.

ingredients: Na ascorbate 109.68 mg (equiv to ascorbic acid 97.5 mg), elemental Zn 5 mg

     Make sure your children fully enjoy this season’s celebrations by giving them FERN-C kidz, Your Children’s Holiday Health Buddy! Happy Holidays and Take Care :)

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  1. Fern-C truly gain my trust when it comes to protecting my Children... I've been using it for two years and I'm satisfied with the results! Di na sipunin SI bunso unlike before...

    FB Name: Meldy Natividad
    Link: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1133652173438747&id=100003819253681

  2. Fb name: roj lamsin
    Fb link:

    Yes ourr kids really need to take vitamins especially at cold seasons usong uso ang cold, sipon, ubo kaya we need to be very cautious when it comes to our children's health.

  3. Fb:arleen oboguin

    Love to have this vitamins for my kids. Truly protected from sickness.

  4. Fb name: roselyn jose
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    I want to try this to my kids palagi kasi silang may sipon lalo na kapag tag lamig

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  6. Facebook name: Joseph Banghal

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    Fern-C Kidz it's a perfect Christmas healthy gift for my beloved renan james as he stay strong immune system, playful and happy all the time.

  7. Yay! Hoping to win for my kids..
    Para may proteksiyon everyday.
    FB : Angelie Namindang
    FB share : https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1778434062229573&id=100001889882946

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