Red Ribbon Cake Creations: The Art of Delicious

Monday, November 27, 2017

     Mouth-watering cakes are in this holiday season. I'm a cake lover that's why seeing a new flavor of cake in a bakery or pastry shop is a bliss. I want to try the newest flavor/s in town and share it with my family especially if there's a special occasion at home.

     The best food creations are borne out of the passion to please the senses. It takes dedication to learn the right techniques, discover the right blend of ingredients, and achieve the ideal form and design. They say it’s the process of genius; Red Ribbon calls it “The Art of Delicious.”  Be ready to amaze your taste buds with Cappuccino Creme, Black Forest, and Peach Mango Symphony of Red Ribbon. More about the Cake Creation line below :)

Red Ribbon Cake Creations: The Art of Delicious

     Well-loved for its selection of high-quality desserts, the favorite bakeshop of Filipinos applies its mastery of flavors in creating cakes that taste as good as they look. The Cake Creations line appeals to the indulgent and varying taste of today’s families with its premium flavors and delectable design. 

Red Ribbon Cake Creations

Peach Mango Symphony- our current fave!!!
  • A light and refreshing entree for the cake lovers out there.
  • The peaches glazed in mango syrup adorn its layers of white chiffon and offer a filling serving of sweet tangy goodness. 
  • There are chocolate sprinkles around the base and surprise bite of cherry right at the center.
  • Perfect to chill out gatherings, and unplanned get-together at home.

Red Ribbon Cake Creations: The Art of Delicious
Peach Mango Symphony

Cappuccino Creme- the flavor I've been dreaming of since last night!!!
  • A chocolate cake dusted with cocoa and coffee, this cake creation gives a whiff of boldness from underneath its elegant design. 
  • The coffee-inspired cake is finished with a latte-art pattern and a delicately sweet flower resting on top. 
  • Perfect for coffee lovers like me. Smooth mouthfeel and refined coffee flavor, why not?!

Red Ribbon Cake Creations: The Art of Delicious
Cappucino Creme

Black Forest- a timeless flavor for everyone!!!
  • This classic treat is a favorite because of its moist chocolate cake and a combination of cream and cherries tucked in between its layers. 
  • A delight from inside out, the cake is coated with chocolate shavings on the side, crowned with cream, and topped with plump red cherries. 
  • With a creation as lovely as the Black Forest, you only need a serving platter and tasteful dinnerware to cater a lovely feast. 

Red Ribbon Cake Creations: The Art of Delicious
Black Forest

     Red Ribbon’s Cake Creations are available in all Red Ribbon branches nationwide. Get the Cappuccino Creme and Peach Mango Symphony for P585 and the Black Forest cake for P565. 

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