Watsons Make Your Summer Campaign

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

     So it's summer dearies, what are your plans? Where to this summer 2017? My summer started early, last week to be exact for our Singapore Tour. Travelling abroad is one of the things that I want to tick off my bucket list this year and I'm grateful that I went there with my son.

     I'm so meticulous when travelling because I want to make sure I have all the essentials with me especially with skin care products. Summer means more sunscreen to use because of frequent sun exposure. Good thing that I have tons of sunblock and these was given by Watsons during their Make Your Summer Campaign launch. I bought a couple of brands with me in our trip and I'm glad that Watsons is carrying those brands. More information about the campaign after the jump!

Watsons Make Your Summer Campaign

     Make your summer however you want it to be during this season of endless adventures and possibilities. There’s no holding you back now! Not even your fear of skin darkening or showing off your after-holiday tummy can stop you from conquering the sunny days! This year, Watsons says, make the summer yours.

Watsons Make Your Summer Campaign

     Watsons’ “Make Your Summer” campaign is an exciting way to fill summer with all the adventures you want without holding back! If you're afraid to bask under the sun, Watsons offers a wide range of sunblocks and sunscreen to protect you from head to toe! They also have slimming products and hair colors that will make you look sexy in your swimsuits and a head turner with your bright and bold hair color.

Watsons Make Your Summer Campaign
Sunblocks and suncreens, FTW!!!
     I'm a sunblock and sunscreen addict. I use different types of sunblock like spray, cream, and mist. I also use two or three brands of sunblocks and sunscreens for face, hair, and body. I can't live without sunblock, literally!


     Suncreens and sunblocks are important not only during summer but all year round. Did you know that we are exposed to harmful rays inside our homes too? In front of our computer, while watching tv, under the fluorescent light, and other appliances that emits UV rays can cause skin darkening, uneven skin tone, pre-mature wrinkles, and other skin problems.

Watsons Make Your Summer Campaign
     That's why I always recommend my friends, relatives, and readers to wear sunblock daily. Fret no more because you will find different brands of sun care products in Watsons- from high end to cheap ones. 

     I'm so into sunblock sprays nowadays as I find them easy to use and saves time too! I'll be reviewing some of the sunblock sprays that I've tried these past few days and will let you know my current fave :)

Watsons’ “Make Your Summer” Campaign Promo
  • Get a chance to explore the wonders of the Philippine islands with getaways for four to Batanes, Boracay, Cebu, Davao, and Palawan.
  • For every PHP500 single-receipt purchase from participating brands, you get 1 e-raffle entry. 
  • Products are available in all Watsons store or The SM Store Beauty Section.
  • Promo period is from February 23 – April 26, 2017. 
  • SMAC members get more points, more savings, and more value.

Watsons Make Your Summer Campaign

     Here are the brands that you can find at Watsons and The SM Beauty Store section. If you're still unsure of what brand to get, kindly click the highlighted names to see my review. I'm still using some of the brand below until now :)

1. Banana Boat

Watsons Make Your Summer Campaign
Banana Boat

2. Belo Sunexpert- one of my HG (holy grail) sunblock sprays :)

Watsons Make Your Summer Campaign
Belo Sunexpert

3. Biore- my favorite face sunblocks!

Watsons Make Your Summer Campaign

4. Cetaphil and Daylong

Watsons Make Your Summer Campaign
Cetaphil and Daylong

5. Dermplus 

Watsons Make Your Summer Campaign

6. Kojie San

Watsons Make Your Summer Campaign
Kojie San sunblock and sunscreen

Watsons Make Your Summer Campaign
Kojie San

7. Nivea

Watsons Make Your Summer Campaign

8. Neutrogena

Watsons Make Your Summer Campaign

9. Olay

Watsons Make Your Summer Campaign

10. Pond's

Watsons Make Your Summer Campaign

11. Solstice

Watsons Make Your Summer Campaign

Watsons Make Your Summer Campaign

     There you go dearies! So many brands to choose from so I presume that you'll not have a hard time finding the right sunblock for your skin needs. There are small size available so get two brands and try it now. Make your summer sexy, colorful, and fun! With Watsons, you'll make your summer under the sun :)

What brand of sunblock or sunscreen do you use?

For more information, visit http://www.watsons.com.ph/webph/Home.do
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