Mommy's Day Out with PLDT Home

Saturday, November 19, 2016

     Mommies need a break! A break from daily routine like household chores, taking care of the kid/s, and spending whole day inside the house. It doesn't mean that stay-at-home-mothers like me are neglecting a day's work at home, we need a break to relax, pamper, and chill with other moms to refresh our mind and body.

     That's why I'm thankful to PLDT Home for treating us in an afternoon of tea bonding last November 8, 2016. PLDT Home organized an intimate event called “Mommy’s Day Out” for mommy bloggers. The event was hosted by hot celebrity moms Isabel Oli and Denise Laurel. It was an afternoon of good food at Stacy's BGC and all invited guests shared their views on parenting in the digital age. Sharing with you what I've learned and my thoughts Parenting in Digital Age below :)

Mommy's Day Out with PLDT Home

     This exclusive event for mommy bloggers was made possible by PLDT Home which aims to educate mommies on parenting in digital age. Together with Isabel Oli-Prats, Denise Laurel, Issa Litton, and Camille Prats, we shared our tips, routines, and stories happening in our homes everyday. We introduced ourselves and share a little on what we like about being a mom.

Mommy's Day Out with PLDT Home
Mommies introducing themselves during the event
     One of the highlights of the event was the talk of renowned psychologist, guidance counselor, lecturer, and author Michele S. Alignay. She gave us a brief but meaningful lecture on the role and relevance of technology in managing family and home in this digital age. I learned a lot from her tips and advice so I'm sharing you a summary of what moms out there need to know on parenting and technology.

Mommy's Day Out with PLDT Home
Michele S. Alignay
     In this age where advancement in technology is inevitable, mommies are the digital managers at their homes. I presume that your son or daughter owns a gadget/s. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with it but don't worry because if you know how to manage them, parenting in digital age will be beneficial for you and your family.

Mommy's Day Out with PLDT Home

     Here are some of the things that I've learned from the lecture. I will also share some of my opinions and experiences on parenting in the digital age below:

1. I'm the Digital Manager.

     As a mom, I want the best for my son. I need to do research on the basics of child rearing and for me to understand why my son is like this or like that, I need to have a grasp on child development and family life. In this digital age, kids who uses gadgets for more than 2 hours easily get bored. I agree, because my son always say that 'mom, I'm bored'

     The solution to this is lessen the time he/she spending on gadgets at home. Let his boredom make his mind spark and ignite the creativity in him.

2. Gadget and device management is important.

     Since I'm the digital manager, I'm responsible of the rules when it comes to gadget and device at home. I need to train my son to be media literate because I'm not beside him all the time. I should let him reflect and act on negative things he sees or hear while watching television shows.

      It is important to balance educational and non-educational media, restrict the time of device use. Yes, 2 hours is enough. You make a rule to study first, then gadget later. Or let your child do a physical activity first like play outside the house then during his resting period allow him to use his/her tablet.

3. Co-engage with them.

     If your child loves watching toy reviews on Youtube, join them. Engage with them. You can watch together, sing together, and do the things you love doing together. In this case, you can also monitor and choose quality content for your child. There should be guidelines and curfews on using their gadget/s and on browsing the internet.

Mommy's Day Out with PLDT Home
Isable Oli and Denise Laurel

     After the talk, we also engaged ourselves in "chika" time where we talked about popular parenting sites and apps, house rules for gadgets and the use of internet, what gadgets we have at home plus parenting solutions that will help us have strong connections at home.

Mommy's Day Out with PLDT Home
PLDT Home products

     PLDT Home embraces parenting in the digital age and trumpets the notion that the strongest connections are at home. PLDT Home products were introduced to us that day. I'm so giddy to test the products in the experience zone because as you can see on the photo above, these products will help bridge the gap in this digital age. Sharing with you the products below:

1. PLDT Home Telpad- with the Telpad, you can perform a wide variety of tasks, as well as enjoy a variety of multimedia content. Browse the Internet, use email applications, watch movies and videos, play MP3 tunes, take and edit pictures, read e-books, use your favorite social networking site, play games, and download apps.

2. PLDT Home FAMCAM- reliable home monitoring system best experienced with powerful connection from PLDT Home Fbr. This FAMCAM is very helpful especially if you're a working mom. Monitor what's happening inside your house. If you have a toddler playing in a room with their yaya, you can monitor what's happening and you'll have a peace of mind, right? 

To know more about these products, drop by the PLDT Home website, visit:
Get your FAMCAM for P499/month with your PLDT Home DSL or PLDT Home Fibr broadband! Learn more here:

FAMCAM is available for Home DSL Plan 1299and up subscribers
Basic FamCam is P99/month for 36 months (one time payment P3,000)
Advanced FamCam is P499/month for 36 months (one time payment P11,500)

Mommy's Day Out with PLDT Home
PLDT Home Fam Cam

3. PLDT Home Smart Watch- coolest gadget for kids that let them send and receive calls, listen to music, take groupies via remote, and my favorite: anti-lost feature. Picture this, you're inside a crowded mall, your son suddenly run to the toy store and you did not notice him. His PLDT Home Smart Watch vibrates once paired device is 10 meters away from the watch.

Surprise your kid with a cool Smart Watch for only P199/month. 
Learn more here:

Mommy's Day Out with PLDT Home
PLDT Home Smart Watch

4.  PLDT Home Family Zone- device that helps monitor and control kid's internet activities. The newest product from PLDT Home that will be launched soon is very promising. Can you imagine how helpful this monitoring device would be if you have a child who loves watching YouTube videos? This will give a peace of mind to all the mommies out there! FamZone is the top parental control device. Other features include:
  • Time Setting
  • Sleep Time
  • Website restrictions
  • Manage customized profiles
FamZone is coming out soon. FamZone Box will be available at P299/month. FamZone app will be available at P149.

Mommy's Day Out with PLDT Home
Denise Laurel, Isabel Oli-Prats, Moi, and Camille Prats

     Thank you so much PLDT Home for having me. I had a blast and learned a lot from mommies like me who share same sentiments on kids and technology these days. I'm glad that together with their opinions and advice, I'm now armed with ideas on parenting in digital age. I've also learned that PLDT Home's products are there to help me build stronger connections at home. 

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