Mommy's Day Out with PLDT Home

Saturday, November 19, 2016

     Mommies need a break! A break from daily routine like household chores, taking care of the kid/s, and spending whole day inside the house. It doesn't mean that stay-at-home-mothers like me are neglecting a day's work at home, we need a break to relax, pamper, and chill with other moms to refresh our mind and body.

     That's why I'm thankful to PLDT Home for treating us in an afternoon of tea bonding last November 8, 2016. PLDT Home organized an intimate event called “Mommy’s Day Out” for mommy bloggers. The event was hosted by hot celebrity moms Isabel Oli and Denise Laurel. It was an afternoon of good food at Stacy's BGC and all invited guests shared their views on parenting in the digital age. Sharing with you what I've learned and my thoughts Parenting in Digital Age below :)

Mommy's Day Out with PLDT Home


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