Benefits of Physical Therapy

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

     Do you have chronic back pain? Perhaps you think medication will help but your doctor wants you to undergo physical therapy. Can it really help you? Physical therapy helps persons of all ages who have medical conditions and illnesses that limit their ability to move. At the first sign of a problem, your primary care doctor will be the first to suggest physical therapy. Here are some benefits of physical therapy:

Reduction or elimination of pain

     Studies have shown that people who choose physical therapy usually experience a greater enhancement in function with reduced pain. Although medication may be prescribed in some cases, physical therapy helps a great deal when it comes to the reduction of pain.

Shorter recovery period
Benefits of Physical Therapy
     You can shorten your period of recovery by opting for physical therapy. Injuries involving a joint, muscle, or ligament usually cause a specific part of the body to become stiff or immobile. Without physical therapy, it could take a long time for you to regain full mobility in the injured area. As you start getting used to physical therapy, it will become easier to do once you see that your strength and overall health are improving.

Regaining original capabilities

     Throughout the years, physical therapy has been very effective for numerous patients. With continued treatment under the supervision of an experienced physical therapist, it is quite possible for you to regain most of your original capabilities or make a full recovery. Moreover, physical therapy comes in handy for those trying to improve their overall fitness and health significantly.

Avoiding surgery

     If your injury heals after you undergo physical therapy, you may not need surgery. Even if you still require surgery, you will benefit greatly from pre-surgery physical therapy. When you go into surgery stronger and in good shape, you are more likely to recover faster after the procedure. Hefty health care costs can be avoided by eliminating surgery.

Improving your balance and preventing falls

     Before you start your physical therapy sessions, you will be screened for fall risk. Those who are at a high risk for falls usually do exercises that carefully and safely challenge their balance in a way that mimics real-life situations. A therapist will also help you with exercises that improve your coordination and the use of assistive devices that aid safer walking. If your balance issue is caused by problems in your vestibular system, the physical therapist can perform maneuvers that will restore your vestibular system to proper working order, eliminating dizziness and vertigo.

Managing diabetes

      Exercise usually forms a part of the overall diabetes management plan. Moreover, persons with diabetes usually have sensation problems in their legs and feet. A physical therapist can help in educating such patients on the right foot care to prevent further problems in future.

Preventing or recovering from a sports injury
Benefits of Physical Therapy
     A physical therapist has a basic understanding of how different sports can increase your risk for specific injuries. Therefore, they can design an appropriate prevention or recovery exercise program that will ensure a safe return to your beloved sport.

Recover from strokes

     After suffering from a stroke, it is common to lose some movement and function. Undergoing physical therapy will help in strengthening the weakened parts of your body whilst improving your gait and balance. Physical therapy will also help you to be more independent around the home, reducing your burden of care.

     Many physical therapy facilities such as Riverside Medical Group can help you to become stronger after suffering from an injury. All you have to do is choose the right physical therapist.

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