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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

     Hello, dearies! I guess some of my long-time readers knew that I have a dialysis patient father. Because of his condition, we are required to visit his doctor for monthly checkups. His doctor is, in my opinion, one of the best doctors in that hospital that we are frequent to. We always experience long queue in her clinic that's why there were times that we need to come back the next day after waiting for more than three hours. 

      If my father is not feeling well and needs only an immediate relief, going to the hospital can be a waste of time because of that scenario. Well, I think there's an answer to our dilemma with the launch of MediCard Philippines' My Pocket Doctor. More details about the latest kind of medical consultation below.

MediCard's My Pocket Doctor
     MediCard, a leading health maintenance organization (HMO) provider, gives a time-saving and convenient option to get medical consultations anytime, anywhere with the My Pocket Doctor.

     Dr. Nicky Montoya, president of MediCard Philippines, says, My Pocket Doctor is definitely a game changer especially in the medical field. It is also our way of using modernized technology to make medical consultations handy for everyone. With less waiting time, patients can now get in touch easily with a medical doctor and get consultations instantly, at the comfort of their homes or offices.”

MediCard's My Pocket Doctor
Here are simple steps on how to use MediCard My Pocket Doctor:
  • Simply register on the My Pocket Doctor website ( or via the app through the App Store or Google Play Store and wait for an activation link with username and password. 
  • Users can also register via text by sending their email address and cellphone number to 29290DOCTOR (or 2929036-2867) and wait for a call from a nurse to complete their one-time registration.
  • After registration, a nurse will call the member for assessment to schedule the consultation with one of their doctors. 
  • A medical doctor will call the patient for a check-up and give prescriptions or instructions. Video call via webcam can also be done during medical consultation for cases that need visual assessment such as skin rashes.
  • The MediCard My Pocket Doctor Card is for sale at P450 at select MediCard free-standing clinics. 
  • Soon, the card will be also sold online through MediCard’s online store.

     My Pocket Doctor has highly competent, well-trained and unbiased medical doctors from Europe and Philippines who can cover up to 70% of all health issues in a consultation and are available 24/7, ensuring members an accessible and credible medical service. 

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  1. Is this a legit online consultation with a doctor? I'm a student an currently conducting a study about online medical consultation. Thank you.


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