Small Ways You Can Help the Environment

Thursday, September 03, 2015

     If we believe the almost unanimous scientific consensus regarding climate change—and why wouldn’t we? It’s not like that many scientists could be in on one massive conspiracy—then we know the situation with our environment is already becoming dire. The day that we could turn this catastrophe around and avoid any irrevocable damage has long since passed. The name of the game now is to contain the damage already done and do whatever it takes to forestall the process before things get much worse.

    While climate change in its enormity might seem like something for governments, oil corporations, and car manufacturers to deal with, and it is on the large scale, that doesn’t mean we don’t all have our own parts to play on the small scale. And truly, every little bit each person does to pull their own weight brings us that much closer to slowing down this desperate situation and salvaging the world as we know it for our grandchildren.
Small Ways You Can Help the Environment
     So, just what is your part? We’re glad you asked. Read on for our list of small ways you can help the environment.

1. Limit the use of your fossil fuel-burning car.

     This can seem daunting at first, but there are in fact many ways to get around town that don’t involve your car. 

     The first two offer the added benefit of getting you physically fit along the way: bike riding and walking. If you can make it work, why not do it? You’ll save money on fuel, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, and you’ll slim down that tummy.

     If that proves untenable, give public transportation a try. The buses will run with you or without you, which means they’re always burning the same amount of fuel. Hopping onboard and putting that fuel to use for your commute will reduce your own polluting.

     You can also rely upon telecommuting and online shopping to further reduce your car usage.

2. Reduce food packaging use. 

     What does this even mean? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you.

     Start carrying your own cup, especially when going out for coffee or when drinking water. Our landfills are quickly filling up with billions of paper and plastic cups from major coffee retailors, Styrofoam cups from businesses around the world, and countless plastic water bottles. This doesn’t only apply to cups. Bring your own silverware rather than using plastic utensils that will end up right next to all those cups in our landfills.

     Buy in bulk whenever possible. Generally this saves you a few pennies on the dollar, which is reason enough. But bulk sizes make more efficient use of packaging materials, thereby dramatically reducing the amount of packaging waste at the end of the day.

3. Stop wasting food. 

     We waste enough food each year to feed several developing countries. We go to the store, buy more than we need, and then throw it away when we can’t make use of it before its expiration date. This means that the many precious resources used to produce that food and ship it to your local grocery store have been utterly wasted alongside your hard earned money.

     How to avoid this. Simple. Take greater care when making your grocery list. Notice which food you throw away week after week and rethink how much you need to buy. Eat your leftovers rather than simply stowing them in some Tupperware until they mold over and you throw them away.

4. Partake of reusable pastimes. 

     Like what? Consider the pack-a-day smoker. Despite appearances, those cigarettes don’t just disappear into thin air. No, they release toxic smoke and ash into our already polluted air, not to mention they litter our sidewalks and parks with dirty butts. Why not replace such a habit with a non-polluting, reusable pastimes like vaping? For instance, with NJOY e-cigarette products, you have a non-toxic vapor that dissipates into the air and a vaping device that the vaper uses over and over again, creating no waste – and, of course, it’s better for your health.

     So, there you go. Small ways you can contribute to our fight against climate change. We’re all in it together, and we all need to play our parts. If we do, we just might salvage something of this beautiful planet for our future generations.

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