All About You, All About Sarah, All About Unica Hija

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

     Fresh from the success of her recent movie- Maybe This Time, top-rating TV shows—ASAP and The Voice of Philippines Kids, numerous awards and citations here and abroad, jam-packed concerts/shows, chartbuster song and of course her blooming love life, SARAH GERONIMO is unquestionably one of the most brilliant stars in the showbiz constellation for more than a decade now. Plus the fact that Sarah was evidently blooming and in a happy disposition as always. Click CONTINUE READING to know more about Sarah and why she's happy with her new found fashion store
All About Sarah...All About You...All About Unica Hija
    At this moment it’s clear why Sarah inspires the kind of easy devotion from her fans, the popsters who become her friends, as they’ve watched her since she was a young teen and continue to support and love her till now. According to her followers and critics, Sarah really stands out amongst her contemporaries. She is a versatile young artist ---movie queen, talented young recording and concert artist, country’s top product endorser, illustrious TV personality, and of course, a fashionably style icon!

     Like Sarah, nothing is more important than setting yourself apart from the crowd and having your own identity. There are no uniforms in real life. You can take on a different style depending on how your mood is for that certain day may it be girly, flirty, classic or diva. That is also why going clothes-shopping has become more than a chore to beef up your wardrobe, it has also become yours and everyone’s indulgent sport. For the best way to show that you are confident to take on what the world throws at you is what you throw on when you prep for your day. And no other brand understands and delivers your need to confidently spell out your own style than Unica Hija. 
All About Sarah...All About You...All About Unica Hija

    Unica Hija goes beyond what others brands do. While others source their style and trends according to what is set by the world’s fashion stage, Unica Hija goes closer to its clothing inspiration not by looking at the catwalks during fashion week but getting in tune with the people who are confidently aware of their personal style.
All About Sarah...All About You...All About Unica Hija

    Now, do you want to look fashionably appealing and be known as the person who always looks amazing like our fave Sarah? If so you're in luck, just drop by Unica Hija Boutique. Check out its latest collection and for sure you will find getups that suit your lifestyle and body type. And you will also see why Sarah loves and wears Unica Hija!
All About Sarah...All About You...All About Unica Hija
     Unica Hija has its own style icon and that is you. With every fit, form and fabric that make up their fascinating clothes, the brand sees to it that your lifestyle, your preferences and your comfort is at the top of their design checklist. You are part of their style inspiration, having a simply unique style that will never be forgotten.

     Also check out Unica Hija Salon, the clothing brand ventured into making your tresses beautiful! Watch out for more information about the salon :)
All About Sarah...All About You...All About Unica Hija


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  2. Nice clothes, I looove this style :-D

  3. I love the design of this brand! Simple and chic at the same time! :3


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