Philip Lifestyle Guy Media and Bloggers Launch

Sunday, November 03, 2013

     Two weeks ago I was invited to the media and bloggers' launch of the new lifestyle show  on TV5 that's now airing every Sunday 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon to be exact. This new show called Philip Lifestyle Guy is a show that will tackle everything that you can think of when the word lifestyle pops up in your mind. When Ms. Joy Felizardo invited me to the event, I didn't think twice and said yes to the invite because I've know Mr. Philip Abadicio during the Juenevie Bloggers' Launch where he's the PR person for the said event.  For those who don't know who Mr. Philip Abadicio yet, here's a little info:  
For years, Philip Abadicio has always been associated with the success of the products and brands he launched for his clients. As a PR practitioner, he established RPA and Communicate where he mastered the ropes of the lifestyle industry. Thus, it gave him the chance to hobnob with some of the country’s known celebrities in society, showbiz, business, politics and media. It also brought out the friendliest and most intuitive side of his personality as captured on-cam in his latest quest as lifestyle TV host on TV5’s News channel, Aksyon TV. He adds color to the viewing experience with a the lifestyle magazine and talk show on its second season called “It’s More Fun with Philip” every Sunday at 8:30 pm.
Philip Lifestyle Guy Media and Bloggers Launch
With the lifestyle guy Mr. Philip Abadicio
     The event was held at RUB Ribs and BBQ- Kapitolyo, Pasig. I can say it was a very intimate and fun event because all of the invited guests were friends of Mr. Abadicio from media and press. I arrived late that day that's why I wasn't able to take a photo of the AVP presentation about the new show. The said AVP was a short presentation about the first episode that aired last October 27. Have you seen my Instagram post last Sunday? If yes, I'm sure you're one of the many viewers who watched the show.
Philip Lifestyle Guy Media and Bloggers Launch
Thank you so much RUB Ribs and BBQ for the mouth watering and tender ribs :)

     Here's a shot of media and bloggers enjoying the food at RUB. It's my first time to eat there and I must admit that I fell in love with the ribs. I'm not a meat person that's why I don't appreciate steaks and bbq that much but when I tasted the bbq ribs with hickory sauce ( I think?) made me appreciate meat more.
Philip Lifestyle Guy Media and Bloggers Launch
Media and bloggers
     They're already having their appetizer when I arrived so I just sit beside food and travel bloggers happily discussing about food and their blogs. It's nice to see food bloggers during events because they will recommend the best restaurants and cafes in the metro. We had this savory pizzadilla/quezadilla that was followed by the main entree. 
Philip Lifestyle Guy Media and Bloggers Launch
Quezadilla or pizzadilla? All I can say is yum!
      This is what I'm musing above, their specialty the ribs! All I can say during the time I'm eating this was yum. The meat is so tender and juicy! Add the java rice and the tangy sauce- I can die now! Hahaha!
Philip Lifestyle Guy Media and Bloggers Launch
Star of the day aside from Philip Lifestyle Guy- oh so tender ribs :)))
     The staff of Mr. Philip Abadicio prepared a raffle for us. Most of the prizes came from ZALORA and GC's from Cathy Valencia. I'm not lucky that day and the winners were all boys!
Philip Lifestyle Guy Media and Bloggers Launch
     I was about to go leave the venue when I saw these two, Daryll and Kim both fashion bloggers that I met during the Glorietta Vibe Runway Walk. It was great seeing you both!
Philip Lifestyle Guy Media and Bloggers Launch
Yay, saw lovebirds Daryll and fashion blogger Kim

     And as a token to all the bloggers and media who graced the launch, they gave us loot bags from Flawless and a GC from IO Health Detoxification Clinic. If you watched the episode today, this clinic was featured on one of the segment. I would love to try the Ion Detoxification session and Ventosa massage to flash out all the toxins in my body. 
Philip Lifestyle Guy Media and Bloggers Launch
Thank you so much for the souvenir :) Flawless Collagen Soap, Age Defy Cream and GC from IO Health Detoxification Clinic
     Again, thank you very much Mr. Philip Abadicio for the invite. I've seen two episodes of the show already and I really like the format of Philip Lifestyle Guy! It's not boring and I like that the host is not reporting what's happening on the segment but it's like he's talking to his/her friends. 

     I can relate to all the things that they discussed and very eager to discover every destination that they're going to. The show is not only for the high class individuals but for all. I'm excited to watch the episode next Sunday because it's perfect for the holiday season. And to those who haven't watched the show, stay tuned every Sunday morning because all you have to do is watch, learn and you can also win! 

     You can also find out about the contests, winners and other announcements on their social media accounts: 
Like Philip Lifestyle Guy on Facebook
Follow @LifestylePhilip on Twitter


  1. It showed that you really enjoyed that event. I haven't seen that tv show yet but I would one of these days.

  2. Woah :)definitely a great event. Those dishes are promising :P~

  3. nice event with yummy foods too!

  4. I must watch this show! Hihi. The foods looks so delish! ^^

  5. i think you enjoy the event and meeting other bloggers,the food looks yummy and i heard that tv show but i havent seen it yet..

  6. @mhoie1325- yup, watch it this coming Sunday dear :)

    @Sheela Marie Castillo- yup, grabe sarap ng food :)

    @Aliz G.M.- indeed!

    @Super Airam- watch this every Sunday :) Lots of learning!

    @sherry ann gole cruz- please watch it dear sa Sunday ha :) you can win too :)))

    @Leilani Gamboa- weee!~

  7. yay! the food is so yummy, i will watch this show.. promise.. :-)

  8. @lynee ayuban- super! kaya watch it na :) enjoy watching

  9. wrong choice for TV5 to give his show a 2nd season.
    ayun! e di nawala din kagad at ni hindi tinapos ang contract!
    i've heard na madaming tinakbuhan o hindi nabayaran ng show na ito which include him as an associate producer.

    ingat lang sa mga ganito!


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