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Sunday, September 08, 2013

     Last month, I was invited to one of the grandest beauty event of the year. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the brand COSMO SKIN that's originally sold at Watsons Health and Beauty Store. I've known this brand for more than 5 years now. They've started from one variant of whitening soap and two kinds of skin supplement like the Glutathione capsule and Grape Seed Extract. I became interested with this brand because I've read raves from different forums about the glutathione soap. Their original variant of glutathione soap contains three of the most powerful whitening ingredients- glutathione, alpha arbutin and alpha lipoic acid. I was convinced to try the soap because I made some research about it and during the time I was using the soap, it made my skin even-toned, smooth and glowing. 

     After 7 years of making every Filipinos skin beautiful, bfpc or Bargn Farmaceutici Phils Co, the flagship company of Bargn Group received numerous awards and citations for producing innovative products in the Philippine market like skin care and supplements for men and women. Excited to know what happened during this fabulous event? Click Continue to find out.
BFPC The Beauty Event
     Brand ambassadors of their products were gorgeous and glamorous. They were really suited to the products being endorsed. Jodi Sta. Maria was very fit and fab and owes her sexy figure with Cosmo Body. Melissa Ricks looks young and glowing because of Cosmo Skin supplement. The Semerad twins stay fit and healthy with Cosmo Cee vitamins C and couple Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles stays happy together with Euphoria Maxx. 
BFPC The Beauty Event
Jodi Sta. Maria for Cosmo Body
BFPC The Beauty Event
Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero for Euphoria Maxx
     Even though the event started a bit late, lots of beauty aficionados patiently waited to see their favorite stars and of course witness the beauty transformation that they attributed to all the bfpc products. If you'll ask me if their products are effective, I can say YES! You can see it not only from the endorsers but to all the users of their products who gave good testimonials about it.
BFPC The Beauty Event
     I wasn't expecting to wore one of the Media Id's. I felt overwhelmed during the event because covering such big gathering like this was a dream come true!
BFPC The Beauty Event  
     The event was hosted by Sam YG. He's a good host and everyone in the crowd enjoyed his sense of humor. Almost all the audience participated on the games they've prepared and were given special prizes from Cosmo Skin. How amazing was that?
BFPC The Beauty Event
Hosted by Sam YG

     The event started with an inspirational speech from the founders of bfpc. Two young men- Nino Bautista and John Redentor Gatus Jr. made everything possible for us to have a beautiful face and body inside and out. Not only they brought us the most finest ingredients to produce world class products but to offer them in an affordable prices to Filipino consumers.

BFPC The Beauty Event
founders NiƱo Bautista and John Redentor Gatus Jr.
     The executives from Watsons sharing some insights about this partnership of bfpc and Watsons Health and Beauty Store for the last fruitful seven years and of course for the coming years ahead.
BFPC The Beauty Event
Sam YG with Watsons Executive Officers
     The Semerad twins- Anthony and David who endorses Cosmo Cee. This is the Vitamin C of bfpc that contains not only anti-oxidant properties and immunity booster, it also makes us young. An ant-aging vitamin C, why not?
BFPC The Beauty Event
Event host Sam YG and Cosmo Cee brand ambassador David and Anthony Semerad
     Melissa Ricks, ambasadress for Cosmo Skin shares her secret to sparkling glamorous skin. I agree to her that if you want to have beautiful skin, you should nourish both inside and outside and bfpc got both covered!
BFPC The Beauty Event
The Deliciously Beautiful Cosmo Skin Ambassador Ms. Melissa Ricks
     Here are the products of bfpc- Cosmo Skin and Cosmo Body with the roster of new variants of soap, supplements and body lotion. 
BFPC The Beauty Event
Cosmo Whitening (Glutathione+Alpha Arbutin) Soap
Cosmo Exfoliant Soap
New Soap Variants: Collagen and Papaya, Kojic and Alpha Arbutin
BFPC The Beauty Event
Decipher the secret to a younger,fairer skin,day after day.
Gives you a high clarity virtually poreless pinkish white glow.

Cosmo Skin's formula inhibits the tyrosinase activity.Tyrosinase is a component of melanin responsible for skin darkening.Once it has been inhibited,it will synthesize light pigmented melanin called Phaeomelanin,instead of synthesizing Eumelanin or the dark pigmented melanin.

More than Just Glutathione
Aside from 500mg primeform glutathione, Cosmo SKin's Advance Skin Whitening formula contains a more potent Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C,processed in microcrystalline form,helping the body absorb the active ingredients,thus making it more effective.

Enhances the COLLAGEN:
It has been developed to enhance the Collagen level and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Cosmo SKin contains amino acids,the building blocks of protein,and helps the body produce collagen in the cells.


Glutathione (GSH) 500mg
a Master Antioxidant that aside from helping the body fight free radicals , it inhibits dark melanin (dark pigment of the skin) and promotes the synthesis of light melanin (light pigment of the skin).

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) 100mg
act as a Glutathione precursor in the body, without the help of Alpha Lipoic Acid, Glutathione will be poorly absorb orally.

Vitamin C 100mg
is also a very important Glutathione precursor, it recycles glutathione inside the body.Vitamin C also plays a vital role in production of collagen in the bodyCOSMObody is a blend of the two powerful fat burning teas – 250 mg Green Tea (EGCG) and 250 mg L-Carnitine.

COSMObody is not only good for overall health, but incredibly effective for ramping up the metabolism, increasing energy, and helping you shed unwanted fat.

How does COSMO BODY work? How will I know if it is working? :

COSMO BODY works by increasing energy expenditure, the amount of energy spent during a physical activity.

The polyphenols in COSMO BODY suppresses an enzyme that breaks down a substance responsible for thermogenesis,

a natural process in which the body fat is converted into energy.

Immediate effects that signify Cosmo Body is working in the body include:

*increased frequency of urination.
* sweating and for some,
* a feeling of "flushing"
BFPC The Beauty Event
NEW Cosmo Skin Collagen Hand and Body Cream
Introductory price is P148 per bottle of 200ml
BFPC The Beauty Event
     Thank you so much bfpc team for inviting me to the event. I learned so many things from all the ambassadors and ambassadress of your health and beauty products. Truly, you've inspired hundreds of the audience during the event and with the new products that you're offering, I'm sure every Filipino will embrace them because it's not only affordable, it's effective!

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  1. awesome event! looks like you had a great time ^_^
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  2. Cosmo skin really has awesome products :)

  3. Congrats on being part of the event! There's a prestige to wearing that Press/Media badge - feel na feel ko yan whenever I attend Kpop-related events. Haha! :)

  4. Interesting goodies! Hope you could review one of them. I've never heard any of their products before :)


  5. great event,and nice products,looking forward on your review on cosmo products

  6. @Hollie- yes dear :)

    @Sheela Marie Castillo- have you tried one na?

    @Czjai Reyes-Ocampo- Thanks dear :) Yay! Mas malaki yung event ng Kpop and you should be proud talaga kasi international yun :)))

    @angel Diamante- yup! I'll review the face and body cream next week :)

    @sherry ann gole cruz- will review two of them soon :)))

  7. Looks like an awesome event Ms. Kath! I've used their GSE and I love it! ^^

    1. Hi Super Airam,

      Yes, nice to know you like their GSE.

  8. Oohhh..they have a lot of good products, I see. This I got to check out. Thanks for all the helpful info.


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