Press Release: INITIALISTE, The First Hair and Scalp Treatment from Kerastase

Sunday, June 30, 2013

     For 50 years, women and hairdressers from around the world have loved Kérastase. The brand’s ever-innovative creations offer ideal solutions for every need and every moment. 
Kerastase Initialiste
    In the effervescence of the 60s: A new field is born, the science of hair care

     The winds of freedom are blowing through styles and hairstyles. A new era has arrived, the age of rock music, mini-skirts, liberation, a need for creativity, a desire for progress and lightness—women are becoming stronger and letting down their hair. 

     François Dalle, CEO of the L’Oréal Group, realises that a new market with enormous potential is opening up. This visionary man invented a new field and created professional hair care with the 1964 launch of Kérastase. 

     A large-scale program that sweeps away the simple, basic products of the past. Sophistication and customisation are now the order of the day, with salons featuring high-performance hair care and customised technical expertise. 

     On the leading edge of the avant-garde, Kérastase innovates with customised protocols and targeted product ranges designed to give women beautiful hair.

The 1st Cleansers 
     Launch of the first Kérastase cleansers: revitalising, normalising, anti-dandruff 

Reconciling the Irreconcilable 
     Bain Divalent, the first divalent cleanser to treat the difficult problem of an oily scalp with dry ends. 

The Importance of Sensory Pleasure 
     Kérastase Nutritive, a beautifully nourishing product for dry hair, and Kérastase Soleil, the first sun protection for every hair type, even colour-treated hair. 

Cutting-Edge Formulas 
     The race for ever-better technology continues with the first thermo-stimulation anti-thinning product and the first nano-emulsion haircare, Aqua Oléum. 

A Voyage to the Very Heart of the Hair: Ceramides 
     Kérastase Résistance, which contains thermal-cement to strengthen hair fibres while protecting from dryness caused by over-processing, and the Kérastase Réflexion line with the Chroma Riche masque to enhance radiance in colour-treated hair. 

Luxury Hair Care 
     From the magical properties of oils with Elixir Ultime, created to bring out the beauty in every woman’s hair, to customised professional care with Fusio-Dose, the 1st system with super-concentrated active ingredients for real-time mixing by hairdresser.

Kerastase Initialiste
Hair care at its Source
     Today, almost 50 years after the birth of the brand, Kérastase takes this reasoning one step further and initiates the hair care “skinification”. The professional “Hair Skincare” finds its reason why in the crucial notion, that the hair must be treated as living matter and that it stems from the dynamic biology of the skin of the hair. Thus the expression “Hair Skincare”, as we treat the scalp with the same indulgence and attention as the skin.

     To render this asset as beautiful as possible, Kérastase has taken on the biggest challenge that hair can present by creating the first Advanced Concentrate made with native plant cells that acts at the very base of the hair so that it grows stronger, more radiant, and more beautiful than ever through INITIALISTE.

Kerastase Initialiste-SRP: 2850
    25 years after creating the first hair masque, Kérastase has innovated once again by creating a revolutionary hair care product that works on your hair to make it more beautiful every day. INITIALISTE is the first Kérastase serum based on native plant cells that acts from the birth of the hair, enabling it to grow stronger, brighter and more beautiful than ever. Its exclusive Regenerative Complex® protects the scalp environment to optimise the production of the hair biomaterial, thus reinforcing fibre strength. Hair quality is improved from the source and for a long time. With INITIALISTE, an innovation inspired by skin care, Kérastase has turned a new page in hair care, ushering in a new era of stem cells biology.

     The scalp is essential to bringing out the sublime beauty of every woman’s hair, which is the mission of every Kérastase hairdresser. The scalp is where hair fibres are born. For this reason, the scalp deserves the same careful attention that is given to facial skin.

• The skin on the scalp is fine and delicate. The scalp is 4 times thinner than the skin on the rest of the body. The dermal-epidermal junction is twice as taut as the skin on the face
• This skin is made up of tissues with unique functionalities. It is endowed with a high concentration of neuro-sensors, with 2 stem cell reservoirs and immortal dermal papilla
• This skin is where sublime hair originates - a source of sensations, a source of colour, key to hair density and to growth

Kerastase Initialiste
     At the heart of INITIALISTE, the Regenerative Complex® protects scalp environment, thus improving the hair quality at its source. This exceptional formula, developed like a skin serum optimises the follicular regenerative capacity which creates beautiful hair that is stronger, shinier and fuller, thanks to:

• Native plant cells taken from Malus Domestica, a millenary known apples species. We have proven their ability to optimise the environment of skin stem cells and to maintain their regenerating power.
• Antioxidant polyphenols to protect the scalp environment from oxidative stress (UV, etc.) 
• A Glucolipid (SP94) that acts on the external hair sheath. The lipid component consolidates the structure of the follicle’s external sheath. The “Gluco” component is an energy reserve that enhances the cell metabolism and enables rapid hair growth. In vitro tests. 
• Ceramide imitate the ceramides that is natural hair components, and strengthen the resistance and cohesion of the capillary fibre. 

   Within 7 days, visible action on 3 aspects of hair quality: Hair is stronger (breakage reduced), shinier and more youthful: It has increased hair matter & elasticity 
Within a month: Hair full of vitality, and fibre significantly improved.

 For more information, visit the official Kérastase Paris website at or call the Kérastase Paris hotline at (02) 672-7200.




  1. Probably, I will use this for my long hair.

  2. I need this in my life! Sobrang hopeless na nang hair ko, tinitipid ko kasi lagi yung mga products na ginagamit ko. Hehe! Siguro, it's about time I splurge out, pero worth it. Will try the serum! :)


  3. @Aliz G- Hello there, you can try different variants from Kerastase especially if you have long hair.

    @Angel Diamante- Yup! Sometimes you need to save and buy high end ones kasi you'll get lots of benefits din. Kerastase is one trusted brand na :)

  4. Maybe it's time for me to use this. Thanks for the review Miss Kath! :)

  5. @Louise Ito- Let me know ha kung okay sayo yung shampoo :)

  6. Wjll be definitely helpful sa buhaghag and dry hair ko. :D

  7. @Sheela Marie Castillo- yup, this will tame the frizzy hair while treating the scalp.


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