Product Review: Nichido Minerals Spot Concealer

Saturday, March 09, 2013

     It's weekend, any plans for today? My apologies for not posting lately, our internet connection is acting up and it's really weird because the internet service provider said that the line is okay. Anyhoo, I mentioned in my previous post that I'm currently testing new products and so far I'm loving them. The first one is Eskinol and this one that I'm going to review is becoming another favorite too.  Aside from the main use of this product as spot concealer, I also use this to brighten my eyes by lining my waterlines. I feel naked whenever I live the house if I didn't apply this. I only sleep for an average of 4-5 hours a day, my eyes always look tired. When I use this product I get compliments that I look fresh and glowing. 

     Will just make the introduction short. I seldom use this product as spot concealer that's why the photos below shows what it looks like when applied to my waterline. And before I forgot, Nichido is a local brand selling affordable makeups and beauty tools. 

Nichido Minerals Spot Concealer
Nichido Minerals Spot Concealer
I've written my name here to see if this shade matches my skin tone. 
Nichido Minerals Spot Concealer
bare waterline, no undereye concealer
Nichido Minerals Spot Concealer
Used on my waterline, see the difference from the photo above? I applied concealer on my undereye here.
size: 0.04 oz. / 1.14g

price: 139 php (Around $ 3.40+)

place bought: Health and Beauty Section, Sm Fairview

ingredients: Contains Silica, Mica and Zinc Oxide
What I like:
  • Affordable.
  • The texture is okay and blendable if I use this as spot concealer.
  • It's not creamy and I'm surprise that doesn't tug my when concealing small pimples.
  • Covers minor imperfection such as pimple marks and blends well on my skin.
  • It glides smoothly on my waterlines that's why a line or two is enough and the color will already show.
  • Doesn't irritate my eyes, no sting and redness.
  • Stays more than 5 hours on my waterlines.
  • Brightens tired eyes when used as liner on waterlines.
What I don't like:
  • There's a slight pink undertone.
  • Smudges a bit but it's not obvious because of the color.
Will I repurchase? Yes!

     I give this a 4.75/5 rating. This product acts as 2 in 1 product that's why I find this affordable. If you still remember my review on Shawill Eyeliner Pencil, you can say that Nichido performs well and the color isn't that obvious unlike white or silver eyeliner pencils. But before using this product on your waterlines, test it first on by lining a very small portion of your waterline and observe if you feel any discomforts. If irritation occurs, better stop using this product as eyeliner and just use it as spot concealer after all this is intended to conceal blemishes.

     Do you use eyeliner to brighten your eye? I highly appreciate your suggestions dearies ^_^
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  1. wow, ang galing ng comparison! I can definitely see the difference~ I'm such a newbie interms of pencil concealer so I was really interested to see this! great review sis! thanks for sharing~ time to drop by watson's! later na!! hehe..=)

  2. thank you for reviewing this!!i want to try it :>

  3. I really like the flesh-toned eyeliner on the waterline trick.

    Lucky you for chancing upon a good pencil, I bought this about 2 years ago and mine was super tug-y.

    Or maybe... they reformulated.

  4. ginagamit ng mga ibang YT Guru's to as a high lighter. thanks for reviewing this maybe i should try this after maubos ng sansan concealer ko :)

  5. @Janet- Thanks :) Until now gamit ko pa din yan. Ang tagal maubos pag sa waterline pero shempre minsan ginagamit ko na din sa dark pimple marks na di ma conceal ng concealer ko :)

    @Marine Therese- try it na :)

    @Rae- oh ganun? Baka they re-formulated? Hope you can try this too and see if they re-formulated nga.

    @aiko borja- whoa?! haven't tried it as highlighter ma try nga if maganda din. thanks for sharing, di ko alam yun ah! let me know it this works for you ha :)


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