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Saturday, March 09, 2013

     I'm a huge fan of organic and natural products particularly organic bath soaps. They're my skin's bestest friend. If my memory serves me right, I've tried 5 brands already. These include Cyleina, Bare Naturals, All Organics and Snoe. Most of these brands offer a wide array of variants depending on your skin need. I've also tried Camaru Naturals but their charcoal soap was too harsh for my sensitive skin. If you're a long time reader of this blog, I'm sure you know how much I love All Organics and Snoe White. Their soaps became a staple skin care product for my face and body. Even though I've already found my HG (holy grail), I still need something that will complete the list of ingredients that my aging skin needs. 

     There's a new player in town! Introducing Beauty and Bright by Droplets of Nature. If you'll ask me what's the difference of these soaps from the ones that I've tried before, my answer will be based on their ingredients and the serum bar. Intrigued much? I'm using the serum bar for more than 3 weeks now but before I share my thoughts about Beauty and Bright, it's best to know why I think their soap is very promising ;)


The combination of the Three Power Oils that is more effective than arbutin but safer than hydroquinone? 

The first bar: The light purple bar shows the percentage of melanin control when you use the power oils , hydroquinone or arbutin.

The second bar: The darker purple shows the increase in the percentage of melanin reduction when you increase the percentage of power oils , hydroquinone (HQ) or arbutin. While HQ may give you the fastest result to lighten- it is NEVER safe. You can not go under the sun because by doing that may cause an irreversible damage to your skin. Aside from that, HQ is very toxic- You CAN NOT increase its concentration because it can be very harmful to the skin.

Beauty and Bright Facial Lightening Moringa Soap
     Relive the tradition of using moringa soap as a natural antiseptic, and experience it as a beautifying extract, together with other extracts from Camellia, Candeia Extract and Love Plant. The combination of these extracts has been proven to lighten the skin in 4 weeks

Beauty and Bright Skin Lightening Body Soap & Anti- Aging Serum Bar
     This is not a SOAP- this a serum bar =) Naturally formulated and rich with skin lightening and anti-aging actives.

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