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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

     Acne also called pimples or zits is the most common skin problem that teenagers experience during adolescence. I considered myself lucky during this stage because I'm one of those few who had clear and smooth skin. I always say to myself that my skin will remain blemish free because I never suffered from those red, swollen and painful zits during teen years but boy oh boy I'm wrong! My clear and smooth skin vanished when I reached my late 20's and I always complain on adult acne. I tried so many topical ointments from creams, gels and serums which only gave temporary results. Some are effective but it takes a lot of time, money and effort to see maximum results. I guess the treatment should not only focus on the outer layer of our skin. There should be an extra boosts from within. 

     Who doesn't want smooth and clear skin? Many of us have tried different treatments to achieve healthy skin and clear complexion. What if you tried everything and still see the same problem again and again? Now is the time to take another step in combating skin imperfections and it should start from within. Let me introduce to you this Anti-Acne Complex called AcneCare which contain natural ingredients in combating acne related problems.
The AcneCare Capsule Philippines, effective solution for acne, pimples, acne blemishes, black heads, pimple pores,
oily skin and other skin problems. Stop Acne with Lactofferin, clinically tested and proven solution for all Acne related problems.
Fights off acne, red spots and other skin blemishes--- Naturally! LinumLife Philippines. Lactofferin Philippines.

AcneCare Fight Pimples from the Inside Naturally

     Comprises of a proprietary blend that derives a bioactive complex rich Lactoferrin , Linumlife and zinc gluconate. AcneCare is based on milk's many bioactive components with specific physiological effects to support the reduction of blemishes and redness associated with a bad complexion. The most essential mechanisms are the anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help promote a healthy complexion from the inside.

• Clinically proven against Acne 
• Helps you get rid of acne , red spots and blemishes
• Also works for body acne and adult acne
• Promotes and maintains healthy skin & clear complexion

AcneCare contains 3 Anti- Acne Complex:

 Lactoferrin- Lactoferrin plays a supportive role in nourishing the skin from the inside through three mechanisms: anti-microbial (enhances the body's natural defenses against bacteria), anti-inflammatory (helps assist reduction in redness associated with a poor complexion), and antioxidant (helps aid the repair of damaged skin cells from blemishes.

LinumLife Complex provides lignans from Flax, a well-recognized group of phytoestrogens with estrogenic and anti-estrogenic action, which helps in the treatment of acne. Produced through a proprietary process, LinumLife Complex is concentrated and provides between 10 to 30 times more lignans than whole flax or other flax ingredients.

Zinc facilitates the production and regulation of about 200 hormones in your body, and one of that is testosterone. It is known that testosterone is one of the main promoters of acne. Intake of zinc may prevent potential hormone imbalances that can lead to outbreaks.

     Zinc is also closely involved in protein synthesis and in collagen formation in your body, both of which are essential in the maintenance of healthy skin and in normalizing production of skin oils. Zinc can help heal your blemishes, reduce the inflammation, and reduce the androgenic effect of hormones on your skin.

AcneCare 30 capsules/bottle at Php 885.00 good for two weeks use.
     I want to try this product and let's see how it will fare with my blemished skin after finishing three bottles. 

     AcneCare is available at Mercury Drugstore, Watsons and South Star Drug. For more information about the product visit Vida NutriScience Inc. and like their Facebook page AcneCare for your daily dose of skin care tips and advice.


  1. interesting product! do a review after you tried it out! :)


  2. @beestows- Hi there! Yup, the product looks promising. Since the product contains natural ingredients and serves as food supplement I'm sure that this will really help healing troubled skin :)

  3. Acne treatment philippines is a good way to treat acne problems. I don't like having pimples, thanks for your post. I will try that too.


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