Haul: Bath Essentials plus Makeup Stuff

Thursday, November 17, 2011

     Another haul after visiting Asian Eye Institute at TriNoma. It's crazy that all sales are everywhere! TriNoma is also having a sale of up to 70% till the end of the month. I want to congratulate my self for not spending too much yesterday. Mall sales can be tempting for a cheapskate like me and I have to stop myself from buying because I'm saving for something expensive.

   Anyhoo, I bought 3 soaps from All Organics, a white eyeliner, a body scrub and a substitute for my facial wipes which is OOS again. My favorite facial wipes is Neutrogena. Since I ran out of my wipes, I have to purchase Nivea instead.

L-R: All Organics Calamansi Soap, Papaya with Glutathione Soap, A Bonne' Spa White C Salt,
Shawill Eyeliner and Nivea Visage Cleansing Wipes

     I will be reviewing A Bonne' Spa White C Salt Scrub on my next post. This is my HG body scrub and been using it for more than a year now. I will also share my thoughts on Nivea facial wipes and Shawill eyeliner. I need to practice lining my waterlines before making a review on Shawill eyeliner.

     What's your latest haul?Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. I've been shopping for clothes and some make-up items recently.. And my NYX orders just arrived in the Phils! :) Hopefully I'll be able to post some hauls on my blog too (it has become a food blog na kasi although I didn't really intend it to become one).

    Btw, i'll be waiting for your review on Nivea's facial wipes. I've been looking for good facial wipes now eh. Thanks sis!

  2. ako rin sis, I want to shop on clothes kaya lang first things first. pinag-iipunan ko yung shiseido. You can do a quick post about review sa NYX stuffs mo. I'm interested din sa NYX e. I'll give Nivea Wipes 1 week to road test for the review :)

  3. @Sumi, okay yung Nivea wipes.. :) mabango pa.. smells like the lotion? hehehe .. it removes good of the makeup as well.

    @Kath, would love to get a review on the soaps.. lately i have a thing for soaps, especially the fruity and relaxing ones.. For waterline lining, you you use a flat brush (I recommend Elianto), and start dabbing it in a dot-dot motion. and then, you just line it with the same brush or use a pencil eyeliner especially for the waterline, it's easier to apply. :)

  4. @Gayle: Thank you for dropping by sis. I will practice what you've said. Will buy a flat liner brush at Elianto muna. By the way, those soaps are my HG's I already posted a review here: 1. Papaya with Glutathione
    2. Calamansi

  5. wow sis kath... this is such an everyday must have essential to have for a clean hygiene ^_^


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