J.CO Donuts & Coffee J. COFFEE Launch

Sunday, February 22, 2015

     I'm always wondering why this particular donut store have long queues until I finally got to taste their Mc Green Tea flavor. I love anything green tea and J.CO's green tea offerings (donuts and frappe/freeze) made a lasting mark on my palate. It's one of the original flavors of the infamous J.CO Donuts and Coffee. It's a no brainer that J.CO Donuts hit the country by storm because of unique flavor and distinct taste of their donuts.

     I presume that you already know J.CO Donuts and Coffee so now for the coffee lovers out there, have you tried J.Coffee? Donuts and coffee go pretty well together, isn't it? J.CO not only serves mouth-watering donuts but brews up cups of delicious coffee, as well, in the form of its J.COFFEE hand-crafted beverages. Here's a little story of the J.Coffee Launch and what coffee lovers like me learned that afternoon. Click CONTINUE READING and know why it's good to share a cup of coffee the J.CO way!
J.CO Donuts & Coffee J. COFFEE Launch
Let's share a cup of coffee the J.CO way!
      The event was all about an afternoon filled of perk me up stories while enjoying the freshly brewed arabica coffee. Every cup of J.CO coffee is made from Arabica beans from Sumatra and Sulawesi which are internationally-acclaimed coffee-producing regions that's why it is special. Maxine Magalona, J.Coffee's brand ambassador shared pointers why she love J.Coffee and what benefits she get from drinking coffee everyday.
J.CO Donuts & Coffee J. COFFEE Launch
J.Coffee brand ambassador Maxene Magalona
     I can relate to Maxene's stories why she considered a good cup of coffee as the best perk me up buddy. Drinking a good cup of coffee stimulates the mind and body, honestly after drinking a cup of coffee in the morning I can stay focus on writing. It gives me energy and clears my mind. J.CO’s special blend used in its espresso shots offers a full-bodied, medium acidity profile with a bitter-sweet citrus note which makes for a perfect base for hot, steaming cups of coffee especially when sipped in the form of their signature JCoccino, J.CO’s very own version of the cappuccino served warm.
J.CO Donuts & Coffee J. COFFEE Launch
My cup of JCoccino, yum!
     To make the event more fun and exciting, J.CO taught us a unique skill in making a cup of coffee beautiful! If you're into latte art, I'm sure it's easy for you to make those heart design. The cup above was my cup of great tasting JCoccino :) J.CO takes pride in the skill and creativity of their baristas who are named Coffee Experts. These Coffee Experts are responsible in giving us a unique J. Co coffee blends and create not only palate-perfect but also visually beautiful coffee beverages in the form of craft latte art.
J.CO Donuts & Coffee J. COFFEE Launch
Our coffee expert of the day showing us latte art 101
     My seatmates were giddy and amazed how this coffee expert made that design. If you'll look closely, the latte art looks simple but when the blogger contestants tried it, it's not that easy at all. There were 11 bloggers who accepted the challenge of making their own latte art and only 3 of them surpassed it. 
J.CO Donuts & Coffee J. COFFEE Launch
L- Mommy Peach of The Peach Kitchen 
R- Winners of latter art contest
     Congratulations to the winners! Start your day full of positivity, enjoy a cup of J.Coffee every time you visit them. Pair it with J.CO Donuts and keep that smile on your face! Soon, you’ll find yourself wandering over to their newest cafĂ© concept store at Forbes Town Center craving for a fresh hand-crafted J.COFFEE to make your day. It's nice to start the day sharing a cup of J.Coffee everyday!

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