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Product Review: Natura Organics Himalayan Mud 21-in-1 Soap

Monday, July 21, 2014

     If my memory serves me right, three years ago I had a hatred feeling against a certain black soap. It's not the black bleaching bar that I've tried from one of the famous brand of organic skin care products in our country today. Yes, it's a face and body soap that left a terrible effect on my face. The thing that irks me most is that it's organic. I have high expectations on that soap because before I get hold of it, I've seen positive reviews on their website and some beauty blogs. I really never expected that the "good" would turn so bad as in so so bad in my case. 

    So to end a long story short, after that experience I veered away from that brand. If you're adventurous with soaps I'm sure you can guess what kind of soap I'm saying here. I will not mention the brand, past is past and I've buried that sad experience. But today, I want to share a good news  :) I never thought that my fear of using a black-colored soap with ingredients that I'm not familiar with will turn into a delight. I think I want to rejoice because I've tried a black soap that didn't burn my face (this was the terrible effect that I have mentioned above) and made my skin healthy looking. Excited to find out why I'm raving a black soap today? Click CONTINUE READING to see my thoughts on Natura Organics Himalayan Mud 21-in-1 Soap :)
Product Review: Natura Organics Himalayan Mud 21-in-1 Soap


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