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Wingstop New Menu because You Just #CantStopTheCrave

Sunday, December 04, 2016

     Are you craving fro something savory and flavorful at this very moment? Can't think of what you want to eat for lunch, snack, or dinner? Well, there's one place where you can satisfy your erratic cravings. At Wingstop, you can choose different flavors for your chicken wings and enjoy more food offerings because of their new menu that will make crave for more!     

     When it comes to satisfying big cravings, Wingstop hits back even bigger. The immense flavor in the wings calls out to your tastebuds and sticks in your memory. But just when you thought you’ve had it hard, along comes your craving once more—urging you, this time even harder, for that flavor that seeps through the bones. What's in store for you at Wingstop? See more below!

Wingstop New Menu because You Just #CantStopTheCrave 

Wingstop's #WingItTuesdays

Saturday, October 29, 2016

     Raise your hands if you're game for another cool promo from Wingstop! At a time when hustling hard is the name of the game, calendars are fully booked with deadlines, meetings, events, and then some. It gets pretty crazy and Wingstop totally gets that. Nothing beats getting some downtime with the crew, which is why Wingstop is giving you a reason to take a break and gather the family for a no-fail meal to share and enjoy.

     If you're looking to cure your crave, Wingstop has got you covered with its latest #WingItTuesday promo. Wingstop, the Flavor Company, wants Tuesdays to be your new favorite day with their #WingItTuesdays promo! Every Tuesday, you can enjoy 20 pieces of their top-selling Batter-fried wings worth Php 799 for only Php 499, from September 20 until November 29.

Wingstop Flavor Invasion Launch

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

     Who here loves chicken wings? Raise your hands if you do! I noticed that more and more people now appreciate chicken wings and became a staple in their meals. It's satisfying and crave-worthy especially if one restaurant offers them in fourteen, yes 14 exciting flavors that's totally mouth-watering.

     I presume you already have a clue that I'm talking about Wingstop. Last month, I was invited to the launch of Wingstop Flavor Invasion where we were treated to an afternoon all things chicken wings! This rhyming sounds yummers to my ears, hahaha! Get ready your eyes, and feast on some of my favorite flavors below :)
Wingstop Flavor Invasion Launch
Wingstop's Mission:

     On a mission to serve flavor to the world, Wingstop is ready to invade your senses with their 14 unique flavors. Whether you enjoy a spicy heat, crave for that extra zing, or hunger for all that's rich and smoky, Wingstop is sure to have a flavor that will suit your taste buds.
Wingstop Flavor Invasion Launch
Excited to know more about my personal faves? Here they are in no particular order:

1. Garlic Parmesan

     Buttery parmesan cheese and savory garlic join forces in Garlic Parmesan, a savory blend of flavors that’s sure to leave you salivating. 
Wingstop Flavor Invasion Launch
Garlic Parmesan
2. Mango Habanero

     If heat is your thing, dare to wing it with the Atomic, the hottest flavor Wingstop has to offer. A test of taste and strength, only the boldest of the bold are sure to smile through the hottest sauce around. A worthy competitor, the Mango Habanero is guaranteed to leave you craving and swaying in ways you never have before. A sauce where sweet meets heat, Mango Habanero’s slow burn will tickle your taste buds until you’re deliciously on fire.
Wingstop Flavor Invasion Launch
Mango Habanero
3. Atomic

     If heat is your thing, dare to wing it with the Atomic, the hottest flavor Wingstop has to offer. A test of taste and strength, only the boldest of the bold are sure to smile through the hottest sauce around.
Wingstop Flavor Invasion Launch
4. Mild Buffalo

     Mild Buffalo, which is anything but meek—it’s got all the flavor and heat of classic buffalo sauce without the burn.
Wingstop Flavor Invasion Launch
Mild Buffalo
5. Louisiana Rub

     Take a trip down South with the Louisiana Rub—a crispy dry rub with a killer combination of garlic and cajun spices.
Wingstop Flavor Invasion Launch
Louisiana Rub
6. Teriyaki

     Wingstop’s Flavor Invasion doesn’t halt in the west. East meets the flavor craze too, through five flavors that are sure to make their way into the hearts of Asian flavor lovers all over. Turn Japanese with the bold and sweet Asian spices of Teriyaki
Wingstop Flavor Invasion Launch
 7. Spicy Soy

     Explore the rest of the continent with Korean Soy and Spicy Soy, each seasoned with heated sesame, garlic, and spice.
Wingstop Flavor Invasion Launch
Spicy Soy
 8. Korean Soy
Wingstop Flavor Invasion Launch
Korean Soy

     There's a mini program during the launch and Wingstop proudly presented their 14 ambassadors. They are the individuals who excel in their chosen field. Each one of them represents the Wingstop flavor that fits their personalities. Some of the brand ambassadors shared their experience during the shoot and why the flavor surely fits their personality.
Wingstop Flavor Invasion Launch
Tricia Centenera hosted the event who is one of the brand ambassadors together with Wil Dasovich, Gio Levy, and Yuki Tansengco
     More than your average wings restaurant, Wingstop is ready to invade your senses and entice your taste buds as it lets flavor enthusiasts experience all 14 of their flavors through the Wingstop Flavor Invasion.
Wingstop Flavor Invasion Launch
Paolo del Rosario of Wingstop Philippines
     Wingstop’s flavors are taking over and they won’t take no for an answer. Whether you’re craving for the classic spice of Hot Buffalo, the smooth taste of the Hickory Smoked Barbeque, the sweet heat of the Mango Habanero, or the Oriental taste of our Asian Flavors, the Wingstop Flavor Invasion will get everyone to come back week after week just to satisfy their every craving.
Wingstop Flavor Invasion Launch
Thank you Shopgirl Jen for the photo :)
     Wingstop wants their customers to give in to the Wingstop Flavor Invasion through the Flavor Pass. Want to score Wingstop Gift Certificates? Here are the mechanics

  • Available from May 23 to August 31, 2016, the Flavor Pass is redeemable with any single receipt purchase at any Wingstop store. 
  • Collect stamps for every flavor that you try and earn yourself P1,000 gift certificates for every Flavor Pass that you complete. 
  • But that’s not all, Customers get extra wings with every purchase of the Classic or Batter-Fried Wings. So if your appetite requires a 5-piece, you get 1 piece free. 
  • If you’re craving for a 7-piece, you get 2 wings for free and if you order an 11-piece, you get 3 free wings with your purchase!

What's your favorite Wingstop flavor? 

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Asian Wings Invasion at Wingstop East Meets Flavor

Thursday, December 03, 2015

    Wingstop is not your average wings restaurant. Born in Texas USA, Wingstop is a proud flavor company, boasting of a ten unique flavors that consist of spicy, sweet, and savory variations. Each flavor can hold its own within the star studded menu, and each bite is a celebration of everything that's good about life. Wingstop promises more than a meal. It promises an experience. With its sauces generously poured over freshly cooked wings, Wingstop loyalists know that there is only one place to go to satisfy their wings cravings. 

     And because Wingstop wants to give us more reasons to eat chicken wings with a twist, they've recently launched four exciting flavors to add to our Wingstop favorites. Wingstop is the newest place where East Meets Flavor. Yes, it's Asian invasion at Wingstop! These four exciting flavors will surely tickle your taste buds and once you've tasted one of the four or make it all of the flavors, I'll bet you'll be back for more! WARNING: photos below will make you crave for Wingstop chicken wings, so start planning your trip in the nearest branch asap!
Asian Wings Invasion at Wingstop East Meets Flavor 
Craving for Asian Wings?

  • Hand breaded, made-to-order wings available in 4 flavors: Korean Soy, Spicy Soy, Honey Garlic, and Honey Barbecue. 
  • Wingstop gives a nod at Asian cuisine, infusing the bold flavors of soy and garlic into the comforting tastes of honey and barbecue. 

Asian Wings Invasion at Wingstop East Meets Flavor 
     Satisfy you soy cravings through flavors seasoned with garlic, sesame, or spice for that extra kick.
Asian Wings Invasion at Wingstop East Meets Flavor 
Korean Soy
     If you are looking for something sweet,  try the unconventional honey flavor combinations mixed with garlic or honey barbecue. 
Asian Wings Invasion at Wingstop East Meets Flavor 
Honey BBQ
     These new flavors are great for snack or as a meal over a warm bed of Chipotle rice, with a refreshing drink. My favorite from the Asian flavors would be honey garlic and spicy soy. I like spicy food so these both really made my day.
Asian Wings Invasion at Wingstop East Meets Flavor 
Honey Garlic
     The spicy soy gives a lot of flavor with that 'heat' feeling in my tongue while enjoying them. It's not the spicy burning feeling that will numb your tongue when you eat something with chili. I swear, spicy soy will test your tolerance with spicy food but you will enjoy eating it. I rarely eat rice but with Wingstop's newest flavor offerings, may I say rice please?
Asian Wings Invasion at Wingstop East Meets Flavor 
Spicy Soy
     Wingstop fans have yet another reason to crave for that serving of fresh cooked-to-order wings, because the Asian wings are sure to hit a special spot in the Filipino soul. Thank you so much Wingstop Philippines for having me.
Asian Wings Invasion at Wingstop East Meets Flavor
Nachos and Cheese, Onion Rings, Sweet Potato and Texas-Style Fries
     I had a blast in my first visit, ate more than four pieces of wings and enjoyed these sides: nachos and cheese, sweet potato fries, onion rings, and texas-style fries. I'll definitely be back with my family and friends at the nearest Wingstop branch soonest!

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