Wacoal Passion for Product Tour

WACOAL Passion for Product Sewing and Material Factory Tour

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

     The second day of our Wacoal Passion for Product Tour is one for the books. Our mission: discover how a brassiere is made and the intricate steps of making an undergarment- the Wacoal way! It's the day where we visited Wacoal Hokuriku Factory and Takeda Lace Co. Ltd. both located in Fukui Prefecture. It's an hour and forty minutes express train ride from Kyoto. 

     I'm so excited what's in store for me in these factories. I'm expecting that I will see the usual factory- unpleasant smell here, a messy corner there, and noise coming from machines everywhere. Upon stepping inside the factory, I was in disbelief with what I saw because it's totally different from the factory I knew. Read more below as I tour inside Wacoal factories and why the "Passion for Product" of Wacoal is becoming clearer now.

WACOAL Passion for Product Sewing and Material Factory Tour

WACOAL Passion for Product Tour Kyoto Japan

Thursday, April 19, 2018

     Japan is my dream travel destination. Back in college, I decided to learn Nihonggo because I'm head over heels with Japanese culture. I love Japanese food, fashion, cars, and technology. The land of the rising sun has a distinct culture, a society that has a strong sense of national identity. The passion for everything they do is something I look up to and every time they introduce a new innovation in the market, I have no words but respect and admiration.

     Last month, Japanese undergarment cult-favorite brand Wacoal invited bloggers and influencers from Southeast Asia including the Philippines to discover what's behind the brand's success over the years. Their history and their core value make Wacoal not just a brand but a brand full of passion with the aim of making women feel beautiful inside and out. 

WACOAL Passion for Product Tour Kyoto Japan
photo by @gerryimages at Arashiyama Kyoto, Japan


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