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Product Review: Royale Beauty Kojic and Papaya Soap

Saturday, October 29, 2011

     I'm also a fan of Kojic soaps before. I've tried several brands like Kojie San, Japan Kojic Soap, Cyleina Kojic soap and others that I already forgot. I know this soap lightens the skin but you have to be patient enough to see the results. 

     My sister-in-law joined this Royale Networking Business Club. This Royale Kojic Papaya soap is one of their products. You can read everything about Royale Business Club here.
Royale Beauty Kojic and Papaya Soap
Kojic Papaya Soap moisturizes and lightens the skin, has mild peeling effect.
Royale Beauty Kojic and Papaya Soap
You can see the expiry date, batch and manufacturing on the upper right of the box
Royale Beauty Kojic and Papaya Soap
Wrapped in a plastic so it's all sealed.
Royale Beauty Kojic and Papaya Soap
Same color orange like other kojic soap in the market
Royale Beauty Kojic and Papaya Soap
size: 130g

price: 180php (Around $4.20+)

place bought: Royale distributors and re- sellers

instructions for use: Use Kojic Papaya soap all over the body for bathing, lather well, rinse thoroughly and moisturize. I also use it on my face.

ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Stearic Acid, Glycerine, Cocodiethanolamide, Water, Sodium hydroxide, Sodium lactate, Kojic Acid, Papaya Extract, Yellow Iron Oxide, Red Iron Oxide, Perfume.

What I like:

  • The soap doesn't melt easily.
  • Says true to its mild peeling effect so I know it sloughs away dead skin.
  • Keeps my skin moisturize and has a glow after use.
  • The packaging is classy. Can be compared to the packaging of high end soaps like Metathione and Kyosoku Bihaku or KB soap.
  • The batch, manufacturing and expiration date is printed on the packaging.
  • Well sealed so you know it's fresh from the manufacturer.

What I don't like:
  • A bit pricey for a kojic papaya soap compared to other effective brands in the market.
  • The scent reminds me of Perla detergent soap.
  • May sting if the soaps lather is left for more than two minutes.
  • It stings my eyes big time. I always make sure that the soap won't get in my eyes unlike other soaps that I can tolerate if accidentally get in my eyes.

Will I repurchase: No, I love my All Organics Bath Soaps. If ever I want to try Kojic and Papaya soap again, there's a lot of brand to choose from.

     I give this soap a 3/5 rating. I'm a cheapskate so this is pricey for me. I don't find any special with this soap. I'm not sure if there's a lightening on my blemishes and dark spots because I only use this soap for a month. If you want to shell out more than a hundred bucks for a soap, you can try this. I think the only good with this soap is the mild peeling effect and the glow it gives after bathing.

     What Kojic Papaya soap have you tried?Have a happy weekend everyone!

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