Prutas Pilipinas- A Filipino Folk Song About Our Local Fruits by Locally

Saturday, November 28, 2020

     "Masarap ang prutas sa Pilipinas, Makulay ang prutas, Masustansiya and prutas, Itanim, anihin ang prutas para sa masigla, magaling, at masayang Pilipinas." Finally, we can now teach kids about our local fruits because Locally, the first quirky Filipino juice line made with uniquely indigenous local flavors collaborated with icons Maestro Ryan Cayabyab and The Company in producing a Filipino Folk Song all about our local fruits- Prutas Pilipinas.

     If you love the classics “Bahay Kubo” and “Da Coconut Nut”, then you are likely to enjoy a new song that has been recently creating a buzz. This song aims to educate and celebrate one of the best things we as Filipinos can be proud of – our fruits. More about the collaboration after the jump!

Prutas Pilipinas- A Filipino Folk Song About Our Local Fruits by Locally
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Feature: Locally and Merci Buco Juice Drinks

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

      I'm a juice and tea person. I don't drink soda that's why when we dine out, my default order would always be iced tea or fruit juice. I also have a stock of my favorite teas and juices at home that I enjoy drinking during meal times. I've tried all the flavors available on the market but haven't explored on our 'own' flavors.

      When I say 'own', those are the local fruit flavors that can be found here in our country. Some flavors are hard to find before because you can only get them where they are produced but now a brand called Locally brought the best of Philippine flavors here in the metro. Know more about Locally and the exciting flavors they have in every can and bottle!

Feature: Locally and Merci Buco Juice Drinks


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