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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

     I was in high school, I often hear my mom talking to my titas who live abroad about makeup brands that are not available locally. Two of my aunts work at Macy's that's why if there's a new shade of lipstick from my mom's favorite brand, she will just tell it to them but it will take a year before the balikbayan boxes will arrive at our doorsteps.

     To cut a long story short, it's hard to buy makeup from brands that are exclusively available abroad but now, hoarding buying is a breeze because all the coveted brands from different parts of the world are exclusively available at SM World of Beauty! Let me share with you some of my fave brands from around the world below :)

SM World of Beauty

Random Winnings

Sunday, December 30, 2012

     Hi dearies! My apologies for not posting lately. I'm still alive and kicking :D Been very busy with family and some personal stuff. I want to catch up on my backlogs and make a new review after new year but not sure if I can make it :( Hope you can still find time to read my posts even though haven't posted a decent one. Oh by the way, January is my birth month so there will be another giveaway coming next month. 

     I just want to share my overdue giveaway winnings since the contests that I joined happened a few months ago. If you follow me on twitter I'm sure you've read my rant about the giveaway prize that took almost 6 months before it reached our doorsteps. Whew! Will not make blabber about it, just scroll down and click the photos or the links if you wanna follow blogs I'm following so that you can also join their giveaways :))) 

     I won a NAVA see through bag and a Bench perfume from Alyssa Lapid's June Birthday giveaway but I don't know what happened to the Bench perfume because I received 2 Status Magazine instead. 

Alyssa Lapid's June Birthday Giveaway

Thank you for the note Alyssa :)
     Remember my post about the makeup workshop that I attended? After the workshop, Kanebo was very generous and had a raffle of their products including a solid soap, skincare set and a gorgeous eyeshadow palette. I was not expecting to win since this product was raffled last. 

Kikay Trekkie's Half-off the price for Radiant Beauty Makeup Workshop by Kanebo and Suzzane Tan
Shade is 03 Mauve pink
Very classy packaging!!!
Hello gorgeous :) But for unfortunately, I already sold this palette when we needed extra money for my father's dialysis. I hope this is not a big issue since this was my prize- I can do whatever I want and this did NOT came from the products sent by the company to review and or from press kits.
     And lastly this very elegant nail file came from Czech Republic!!! I won this from Chic and Sassy Homemakers Mont Bleu Giveaway! This is something new for me because it's not an ordinary nail file. It is made from glass and has the unique design- SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS.

Chic and Sassy Homemaker's MONT BLEU Giveaway

L- Travel size glass nail file
R- Nail File with Swarovski Crystals
     The nail file is very gorgeous that I'm just planning to display it. I don't want to use this coz I'm afraid that I will misplace the stones unconsciously while filing my nails. Haha! The mini nail file is very cuteee! Small enough to place inside my pocket or inside my makeup pouch.

     That's all for now. Thank you so much to these lovely bloggers for having awesome giveaways. 

Good Times!~


Kanebo Radiant Beauty Makeup Workshop

Sunday, November 11, 2012

     Last October 12, I attended my very first makeup workshop. This was made possible by Marge Tan of kikay trekkie. I joined her giveaway and luckily won the half off the workshop fee for Kanebo Philippines Radiant Beauty Workshop with Makeup Artist Ms. Suzzane Tan, the owner of Suesh Brushes. The workshop fee was 1,000 php and inclusive of makeup tools, skin pampering, consultation and snacks. I only paid 500 php, thanks so much Marge! It was held at East Cafe, Rustan's Makati. I chose the morning sesh 10:00 am -12:00 noon, it's very early and I'm the first attendee to arrive the venue. Ms. Yanie of Kanefil together with the beauty staffs (if that's how they're called) was preparing the makeup and tools so I decided to look around and take some photos.

The texture of a woman’s skin often decides the “impression” her face gives. For Impress, beautiful skin is defined as finely textured, clear, translucent, and firm. These are the very qualities attained by the two unique approaches of Impress – “Normalization of the skin blueprint” and “Normalization of the binding and adhesion of the skin structure"
     While waiting for my "classmates", I decided to have my skin analyzed first with this gadget. Thanks to this skin analyzer, now I know that I have a combination skin (oily and dry). To sum up the results: Pore size- normal, Skin elasticity-normal, Tone- uneven, Target problems- freckles and post hyper pigmentation. After the skin analysis, we were taught how to apply skin care products the Kanebo way. Please refer to the photo above, as you can see there were 5 bottles which includes: makeup remover, toner, moisturizer, serum and eye cream. If my I'm not mistaken, this skin care application process takes more time than the basic routine of wash, tone and moisturize.
Skin Analyzer
     If you notice one thing that I'm not good to or am not applying or reviewing is in the eyeshadow department. I'm really not a fan of applying eye makeup and if I'm going to do it on a regular basis I'm sure that I'll not get the hang of it. But when I saw these babies, my eyes were glued on every palette. I'm mesmerized with those beautiful shades! Methinks of practicing the art of applying eye makeup, don't you agree?
Autumn 2012 Lunasol collection Crystal Radiant Purification because it is inspired by splendor crystals posses and filled with an infinitely glossy luster.
Makeup and tools waiting to be abused XD
     Ms. Suzzane explained the importance of skin care and what it does to makeup. She said that t's very important to use proper skin care products prior to makeup application so that makeup products will adhere to our skin. She taught us how to apply everyday makeup or the no makeup look. For makeup gurus and experts, the process was the same :) 
Ms. Suzette Tan and her model
     To tell you honestly, I just did half of my makeup. I put the primer, liquid foundation, eyebrow powder and concealer on my own. The rest of my makeup like the blush, eyeliner, lip liner, lipstick and the eye shadow was applied with the help of their resident makeup artist and some beauty assistants.
My makeup station XD (Ang gulo lang!)
     Tada! My everyday- no make up look. Wasn't able to take note of the makeups I've used :( bummer me! I was assisted by their makeup artist because I'm very nervous and can't do the eye makeup properly. I was also suffering from eye allergy that day, as you can see my left eye looked different from the right. Days before the event, I experienced extreme headache then my eye became like this. It's also painful but I just have to deal with it in order not to miss this workshop.
Pardon the awkward smile, I'm uneasy with  my itchy and painful eye 
     The workshop lasted more than 3 hours and before we went home, our food was served courtesy of East Cafe. 
Soo love everything here, dumplings, chicken sandwich, fried noodles
Turon with chocolate sauce for dessert
     The last part of this workshop was the raffle of Kanebo products. I was surprised when my  name was called. 
Yay! I won this Lunasol Palette from the raffle. It's the modelling glossy eyes from Winter 2012 collection. 
Ms. Yannie, Moi and Ms. Suzette Tan
Thank you so much!!!
With my seatmates and Kanebo's makeup-artist (forgot her name)
     Thank you so much Ms. Yannie, Ms. Suzette Tan and the rest of Kanebo team for this wonderful workshop. I really learned a lot and and will never forget this experience. Again, thank you very much to Ms. Marge Tan for hosting the giveaway. 

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