Harvester's Malagkit Rice

Product Review: Sunnywood Harvester's Rice + Crab Maki Recipe

Friday, October 19, 2018

     Rice is the staple food of the Filipinos and we are blessed because our country can produce different variants of rice that we eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Don't get me wrong, (because of the recent news on rice hoarding) but long before the time our country is indeed gifted in this department. 

     Speaking of rice, there's one brand that I recently discovered and been eating for weeks now. Sunnywood Harvester's Rice has Sinandomeng and Dinorado variant as well as colored specialty rice. I presume that you've seen this brand in the supermarket but you opted to buy the brand with a lower price tag. Let me share some trivia why you need to buy rice from a trusted brand and a simple international recipe using an alternative ingredient from Sunnywood Harvester's Rice:)

Product Review: Sunnywood Harvester's Rice + Crab Maki Recipe
The family who loves eating rice together by Tom Wang/Shutterstock


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