Green Papaya Body Scrub

Product Review: Mischka Derma Secret Green Papaya Body Scrub

Sunday, February 16, 2014

     Hellos! How's your Valentine's Day celebration? I hope ya'll had a blast. My apologies for updating this blog just now. I had a very wonderful week with my family and friends and also received good news from brands that I never thought will become part of this blog. Thank you very much for all the support dearies, without you all the blessings will not be possible. March will be an exciting month for my dear readers. There's a lot of giveaways from my lovely sponsors so keep your eyes glued!

     Let's start the week right with another review :) Summer is fast approaching and this season is one of the worst for me when it comes to taking care of my skin. I have a hate relationship with summer. My skin starts to react badly when the temperature rises. Breakouts here and there and my body starts to sweat a lot! I hate the icky feeling when I sweat a lot. That's why I always make sure to add a product or two to my skin care essentials for that extra squeaky clean feel. This is also the time that I usually skip or apply light lotions to avoid the greasy and heavy feeling on my body. Thanks to body scrubs because some of them doubles as moisturizers and polishes the body from dead skin cells accumulated by the skin from dust and other forms of pollution. I already have my favorite body scrubs but that doesn't stop me from discovering new brands and variants to try. Thank you Mischka Derma Secret for sending your body scrub. The moment I opened the tub, I sensed that the product is very promising. When I scooped a dollop of this scrub in my hand and spread it gently, I said to myself that this can pass as a dupe to my favorite Asian Secrets Lulur Scrub. Excited to see how this scrub has fared with my skin? Click CONTINUE READING to find out!
Mischka Derma Secret Green Papaya Body Scrub
Combination of papaya extract, Seaweeds and more Vitamin E and B3. Polish dead skin cell and make your skin soft, fragrant and clean.


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