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Feature: Akrotiri Modern Eurasian Cuisine

Friday, June 22, 2018

     I'm not a picky eater that's why when there's a new restaurant offering unique dishes, trust me I will exert extra effort to visit the place and try what's on the menu. I presume you've already heard that some restaurants offer a fusion of dishes from east and west. This time, a fine dining restaurant offers a fusion of Eastern and southeastern European food that will entice a foodie's taste buds. Enter Akrotiri Modern Eurasian Cuisine

     Last June 1, I had the privilege to attend the Akrotiri VIP Bloggers' Night and got to try almost all the food offerings on their menu. I have a few favorites and I will tell you more about them below. But first, know more about Akrotiri and why they landed here to bring the best of modern Eurasian cuisine below :)

Feature: Akrotiri Modern Eurasian Cuisine


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