Common Mental Health Issues Due to the Pandemic

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

     It’s been over a year since the pandemic, and many of us have various mental health issues we are trying to cope with. For some, the mental health effects are less than others. Maybe you are someone whose lifestyle hasn’t changed much. For example, if you were always a hermit who worked from home, the pandemic didn’t change much. But if you aren’t, here are some common issues.

Common Mental Health Issues Due to the Pandemic
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Depression and Anxiety

     Here’s an easy combo of mental health problems that come with the pandemic. When you are at home, your schedule may fall out of wack. You may be depressed over the state of the world, or depressed over not being able to see your friends for a while. In addition, you may be anxious due to the pandemic. You may worry about you or others getting the virus. Both of these can create some tough cycles to break as well. Your anxiety can feed into your depression, and vice versa.


     The pandemic can make it difficult for you to fall asleep. You may worry about the world, or your schedule may be all over the place and your circadian rhythm is out of wack. In order to help with insomnia, one thing you can do is to unplug an hour before bed and do something relaxing.

     Also, make sure that you are using your bedroom for sleep only. If you are using it to work or using it to do other activities that are energetic, your mind may start to associate the room with restlessness. Of course, sleep is complex. There are some nights where you just can’t go to sleep, and you are unsure why that is. In that case, it may be worth it to talk to a doctor.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

     Many people are drinking more because of the pandemic. In addition, some people may be turning to other drugs as well. While drugs and alcohol can numb the pain, excessive amounts can lead to addiction, financial issues, and end up causing health problems. Nothing is wrong with an occasional drink here and there, but take it in moderation. If you or a loved one has a drug problem, it’s essential for you to talk to a professional to get help.

Poor Exercise and Diet

     These are not mental health issues, but they can fuel mental health problems. Exercising can treat depression, help you sleep, and improve your overall health. However, you may be working out less due to the pandemic. Same with diet. You may order more fast food and avoiding healthier options. This can make you more depressed, anxious, and have a bad effect on your health overall.

How to Cope

     Here are some ways to cope with the mental health effects of the pandemic.

Stay Healthy

     Make sure to eat healthily. The temptation to order ice cream may tempt you but avoid it. Instead, eat right. Exercise at home if possible. Get some sleep as well.

Try New Hobbies

     Get into a new hobby. Learn a new language, pick up sewing, or do something new to keep the mind guessing. When you are depressed, you may lose interest in your old hobbies. In the meanwhile, be sure to start some new ones.


     Whenever bad thoughts fill your head, take a breather. Let all the thoughts out, and relax. You may end up feeling better as a result. Also, practice mindfulness. Be in the present moment always, and do not let thoughts of the future worry you too much. You can only control the present.

Seek Help

     Talking to a therapist may treat all of the above, and much more. However, what do you do when you can’t get out of the home? One way is through online therapy. To learn more about how online therapy can help you, click the link below:

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