Mistakes People Make During Winter and How to Avoid Them

Friday, December 04, 2020

     It’s getting colder, and many of us still don’t know how to prep our homes for winter. Especially when we live in an area prone to colder temperatures and snow. These mistakes apply to your home, your car, and your lifestyle. Before it gets too cold, here are some mistakes people make that you should avoid doing.

Mistakes People Make During Winter, and How to Avoid Them 

Not Removing Leaves 

     If you didn’t remove the leaves during autumntime, then it’s time to do so. Many people do not bother to remove leaves due to the fact that they seem harmless. However, when you avoid removing leaves, it can smother the grass. Come spring, you may have to replant, causing you more trouble than it’s worth. Just do all the work before winter.

And Icicles 

     If the outside of your home is prone to icicles, they can look aesthetically pleasing. However, they may fall and hurt someone. If you see some growing, remove them and be on the lookout for any more. You will be glad you did when one doesn’t come falling on your head when you least expect it. 

Not Auditing Your Energy 

     This season means you have to heat your home more, and if your energy systems aren’t up to the task, it can lead to high bills. That’s why it’s important that you call your utility providers for an audit. These can be low-cost, or even free, and it may end up saving your lots of money if you make the upgrade. 

Not Eating Right and Exercising 

     Human nature is eating more and moving less when it is cold outside. While it’s okay to have the occasional hot coco while watching Netflix day, try to keep up your fitness training and eat right. Practice some home workouts, or bundle up and run outside. Cardio in the cold can be good for your heart and good for burning calories. With that said, prepare yourself beforehand. 

Not Getting Some Sunlight 

     'Tis the season for the sun to set before 5 PM in some locations. Many people, especially late risers or people who have work during daylight hours, may not be getting enough sunlight. Sunlight provides you with vitamin D and helps to regulate your sleep cycle. It’s always important to have some sunlight in order to reduce depression, help you sleep, and to help your overall physical and mental health. Let some sun indoors by opening the blinds. Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier, then go outside. This can do wonders for your health overall. 

Not Covering Your Faucets Outdoors

     If you have any outdoor faucets outside, purchase a cover. They are cheap, and they can prevent any cold air from going into your home. Besides that, make sure that all your insulation is good to go. In winter, the strategy is to keep hot air indoors while preventing cold air from entering. Make sure your home is covered.

Not Prepping Your Car 

     Many of us don’t do maintenance checks before winter happens. This is especially important if you live in an area with lots of snow, but it can happen at any time. Here are some things to check:
  • Check the tires. Depending on your area, it may be nice to invest in snow tires. 
  • Make sure that your battery is good to go. You may need to change it, as a dying battery may end up dying completely in an inconvenient location. 
  • Have your heater checked.
  • Change antifreeze and oil if needed. 
  • By prepping your car, it can reduce the chances of accidents. With that said, always drive carefully, even if your car is prepared. If you can, avoid heavy ice and snow. Also, do not slam on your brakes.

Not Adding a Humidifier 

     If you live in a humid location, a humidifier can make the home a lot warmer. This can do wonders to your skin as well, preventing flakes and opening your nasal passages. In addition, it can help any wooden structures you may have.

Throwing Hot Water on Your Windshield 

     This is a classic mistake that people make. If your windshield is frozen, it can be annoying to scrape it or wait for the car to heat up. Hot water may seem like a fast solution, but the extreme temperature may end up cracking your windshield. Use a scraper, or get some de-icing solutions that are friendly for your car window. Rubbing alcohol can also work, and so can a car cover to prevent ice from forming in the first place. 

Having Backup Heaters 

     In case if there’s a power outage, you need a way to keep yourself warm. Look for heaters that you can use should such an event happen. You may want to look into propane heaters that are rated to be used indoors. Bringing your outdoor heating equipment inside can create toxic fumes, so only buy heaters that you can use inside. 

     Besides that, purchasing some thicker blankets and clothing may be ideal in case if there is something wrong with your heating unit. 

Avoiding Helping Yourself Mentally 

     Another big mistake that people make whenever winter happens is avoiding mental health checkups. Wintertime can be prime time for depression, especially in 2020. 

     There are many ways to help yourself. As mentioned, working out is always a solution. So is eating right. Getting sun is another solution. Besides that, meditation, having plenty of hobbies, and getting sleep are also important. 

     In some cases, the mental anguish you may feel can be too much. That’s why it’s important for you to get help if possible. A therapist or counselor can help you make goals, connect you with medication, and allow you to express yourself in a safe location. 

     Because it’s cold outside, and because it’s 2020, online therapy may be a good solution for you. Websites such as BetterHelp can provide safe ways for you to communicate with a licensed therapist. Visit them and connect to a licensed therapist near you.

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