Feature: PayMaya Negosyo

Thursday, June 04, 2020

     As we enter the 'New Normal', more and more Filipinos are resorting to other means of income. One of the highly recommended is starting your own business at home by selling online. I presume that some of you have experienced shopping online and in times that we are urged to stay at home because of the pandemic, online shopping is the most convenient way to shop for goods and services.

     Do you have an online shop or planning to start an online business but having second thoughts on how to manage your payment system? Here's how you can give your business a much-needed boost in as fast as 24 hours! Introducing PayMaya Negosyo- an app that enables merchants to quickly and easily receive QR and online payments from their customers. This comes in perfect timing, as more customers shift to online payments due to the pandemic. My sister is an online seller and one of her concerns now is how to include contactless mode of payment as most of the customers prefer online fund transfers. Whether you have a physical store or an online shop, PayMaya Negosyo App ang Kasama mo #MagNegosyo! Sharing more information about PayMaya Negosyo and the reasons why you should download the app now :)

Feature: PayMaya Negosyo 

PayMaya Negosyo App Features:

1. Self-Registration
  • For business owners, all you have to do is download the PayMaya Negosyo app from Google Playstore (http://pymy.co/PayMayaNegosyo), and register.
  • Registration is easy and you only need one (1) valid ID.
  • Within 48 hours, you already have a PayMaya Negosyo account.

2. Hassle-free Payment Acceptance via:
  • PayMaya QR- accept payments from PayMaya users via PayMaya QR which can be shared on your social media pages and chat apps. An additional perk for using this is that customers can receive 1%, 10%, or 100% cashback, care of PayMaya – giving a rewarding payment experience and an instant promo for your buyers;
  • Send Money- receive payments from upgraded PayMaya users through the Send Money function in the app;
  • InstaPay- receive payment from the customer's bank or e-money account to your PayMaya Negosyo App. This is applicable to all banks with the InstaPay fund transfer feature.

3. Bank Transfer
  • Transfer funds from PayMaya Negosyo App to your bank account. Process bank transfer payments from any InstaPay-participating bank and e-wallet in the Philippines.
  • Business owners can accept up to P250,000 monthly.

Feature: PayMaya Negosyo 

Why use PayMaya Negosyo App?

1. Increase in Sales

     Almost everyone I know- my family, relatives, and friends have PayMaya accounts. We love using PayMaya because it's convenient and hassle-free. I'm pretty sure that most online shoppers are PayMaya users too. Non-PayMaya users can also send their payments to your PayMaya Negosyo app via bank transfer.

2. Faster and more efficient transactions

     You can easily transfer your sales from your PayMaya Negosyo App to your bank account. No physical bank transaction needed, save time and energy, pronto!

3. No Monthly Fees

     Yes, no set-up fees or monthly fees when using the app. You only pay a 1.5% service fee for every QR payment transaction.

4. Safety and security

     One of the reasons why we prefer contactless payment is it takes out the risk of cash-handling. We all know that viruses can be transmitted through cash. With PayMaya Negosyo App, all payments will go straight to your account – no need to accept cash payments.

5. Secure transactions

     PayMaya Negosyo is regulated by Bangko Central ng Pilipinas (BSP).

Feature: PayMaya Negosyo 

     If you have a small business or starting your business in the new normal, I encourage you to try the PayMaya Negosyo app for all your business essential needs. I just registered today and in just a day, I will enjoy the benefits of one app for all retail and e-commerce transactions through this promising app from PayMaya.

To start easily accepting online payments today, simply download the PayMaya Negosyo app (http://pymy.co/PayMayaNegosyo) from the Google Play store!

To know more about PayMaya Negosyo,
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